Before its release next year in 2022, Netflix has now provided fans with the first look at the forthcoming Resident Evil TV series. This reveal doesn’t come as a long one at all, with the footage that’s released only lasting for around 10 seconds. Still, Netflix has chosen to show and give fans an idea if this series will close enough to the source material of the Resident Evil series.

The 10-second footage features a zombified dog

Resident Evil series will debut next year
Resident Evil series will debut next year

In a clip shared on social media today, Netflix dropped footage from the Resident Evil TV series that features one of the iconic zombified dogs of the franchise. The footage sees the dog just walking towards the camera before it snarls at something present at the side. After this, the logo for the Resident Evil series appears and the footage ends right there. In the beginning, this clip was the one that was shown by Netflix on its social media accounts, but it ended up getting removed after a while, for reasons unknown. Fortunately, fans were able to download the video and save it before it went off the platform.

Here’s the footage:

Keeping in mind that Netflix has started releasing footage similar to this for Resident Evil could also signify that more news on the series can be on its way soon. In its totality, Netflix has been pretty secretive about the project until now and to date, all we know is that the series will be centering around the video game franchise character Albert Wesker and his family. Netflix also revealed earlier this year who will be starring in the series. Apart from these little bits of information, we don’t know much and we are sure that there is a lot more left to learn about the series.

As stated earlier, Resident Evil is slated for a 2022 release, although a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more updates on the show.

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