Apparently, Netflix subscribers have watched over 2 billion hours of Adam Sandler movies since the 2015 release of his movie The Ridiculous 6. Yes, we are as baffled as you are. Of course it’s always a case of different strokes for different folks but even then 2 BILLION hours is kinda too much.

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The Adam Sandler And Netflix Partnership

Adam Sandler's Murder Mystery actually was part of Netflix's overall popular content category. Pic courtesy:
Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery actually was part of Netflix’s overall popular content category. Pic courtesy:

Sandler has a deal with Netflix where he produces original content for the streaming platform. Till date he has produced The Do-OverSandy WexlerThe Week OfMurder Mystery, 100% Fresh and much more. Apart from this he also has 4 new movies in development. So he has certainly not let down the streaming platform and starved them of new content.

But his movies have been pretty consistently slammed by critics. Yet as we have seen, mass audiences don’t really care for critical reviews. They will watch what they want. Adam Sandler’s content actually winds up in the Most Popular Overall Content category of the streaming platform as well. But it must be said that this title was bestowed on them courtesy of the movie Murder Mystery. It looks like Sandler is on a roll and there’s no stopping him. Even Netflix recognized that and extended his contract in 2017.

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Why Netflix Isn’t Wrong To Extend Sandler’s Contract

Sandler is actually a good actor as seen in Uncut Gems. Pic courtesy:
Sandler is actually a good actor as seen in Uncut Gems. Pic courtesy:

Many might think that it’s odd for Netflix to back up Sandler even with all the audience which Sandler draws. After all he was on the top of a list of Hollywood’s most-overpaid actors as recently as 2013. But Netflix is not wrong. Sandler has an innate ability to create middle-of-the-road, celebrity-packed comedies. This gives him a wide appeal for the service’s subscribers. According to Netflix, 83 million households watched at least some of Murder Mystery in its first four weeks of release.

Moreover, even though Sandler is most known for his comedies but he is actually a good actor as seen in his recent movie Uncut Gems. He even knows it and that’s why he threatened to make a bad movie till he gets an Oscar for Uncut Gems. 

So it looks like Sandler has it in him to be in the big ranks with the heavyweights, but he seems to be quite happy with a steady paycheck from Netflix that allows him to make low-budget, solidly middle-ground comedies for a mass audience. So if that’s what he likes to do, then more power to him.

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