Ever since its release, You has been a show predicated on some extraordinary and shocking events for its fan base. The series is based on a book series written by Caroline Kepnes.


You focus on its source material’s psychopath/aficionado Joe Goldberg and his quest for a romantic partner. Because of some past abuse via various individuals, Joe’s idea of romance is a quite toxic and disturbing one.

What all ensues is that all three seasons are worth of dangerous deceptions, shocking moments, stalking, gruesome murder, and blindsiding revelations. As the show progresses, the stakes go higher and the plot becomes spectacular in a significant way – whether it is about other characters showing their disturbing nature or Joe’s gruesome actions. With that being said, these are some moments that made people’s jaws drop and made them gasp for a while:

Benji’s Kidnapping

You is available to stream on Netflix
You is available to stream on Netflix

From its very first episode, You established itself as a show venturing into a dark side. The lead character, Joe was given off significant psychopath vibes ever since the first scene; which is quite clear from his inner monologue as well. Soon, this became a key staple of the series and as a viewer, it becomes quite challenging to figure out who actually is Joe and how far he will go. The most prominent question that strikes a viewer’s mind is would Joe remain a stalker only or will actually work his way towards hostile actions? The first episode answers the question with a hammer.

The series’ dedication to stand upon people’s expectations began with Joe undergoing a complete sinister act. That is – kidnapping and tricking Beck’s swilling boyfriend, Benji. Joe keeps him trapped inside the plexiglass vault. Later, he opts to dose him with a beverage that apparently kills him.

Peach’s Obsession

You season 1, 2, and 3 are available to stream on Netflix
You season 1, 2, and 3 are available to stream on Netflix

Continuing the streak of its first season, the show soon introduces a quasi-secondary villain on screen. After fixing Benji’s death, Peach Salinger was the one who stood as an obstacle between Beck and Joe. She is one of Beck’s “instagirls” and has a bit of a shallow and caddy attitude. Apart from this, she maintains a toxic relationship with Beck because she needs all of her. As a result, this toxic friendship has the same amount of obsession-oriented feeling that Joe has for Beck. Peach not only has a treasure of Beck’s pictures but also tries to convince her for a threesome. While it is quite shocking for the audience to believe that there is another threat to Beck other than Joe, the plot soon reveals that Peach also engages herself in the same behaviors as Joe.

With that being said, the dark comedy with the hypocrisy of Joe’s reaction is quite a worthy watch. Now that everything seems to be quite clear to him, his inner monologue echoes that Peach and her behavior are somewhat abhorrent. This all shows up when Joe starts stalking Beck and Peach when they get along for a girl’s getaway. After an intriguing confrontation, Joe accepts the better side of Peach and adds her to his body count.

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