Netflix’s Stranger Things became a big hit when it was launched back in 2016. It gained attention from fans all over the world who are in love with sci-fi, mystery and horror shows. 

Rim of The World
A Still from The Rim of The World

The show is set up in the era of 80s which give a sweet nostalgia as well. There is the influence of Stephen King and Lovecraftian works which can be seen in the show’s atmosphere. 


Netflix’s Rim Of The World Could Have Been A Similar Hit?

Rim of The World
Rim of The World

It is not like that the same thing can happen twice. However, there is a movie that could have been just as successful as Director Duffer Brothers’ Stranger Things. 

It is bold to assume this since Stranger Things is now a global phenomenon. But the movie had the potential to do just as good.

What The Stranger Things Had That Was Good?

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

The audience loves watching feel-good plots and teenagers saving the day. That is basically what Stranger Things is all about. We see young kids fighting not just against the dark beings from Upside Down, but the government as well. 


They do all this while trying to protect a friend ‘Eleven’ who has superpowers. She is someone with telekinetic powers, can open rifts and defeat big monsters on her own.


How Rim Of The World Is Similar?

Rim of The World
Rim of The World

The rim of the World shows the straight-up alien invasion that Stranger Things was inspired from. It also shows focus on a group of teenagers at the titular camp in Pasadena.  

They are in the midst of their camping when an alien invasion happens. A spaceship crashes down which belonged to the American government. The kids are given a Key by the astronaut, which sets them on an adventure.

The adventure to save their hometown and the world. They put aside their differences and get set to save the day. The show surely gives a nice touch of originality as well as what the viewers want to see. The adventure, plot twists, and characters are all full of potential to make it a hit.



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