We just got a look at the latest costume for Arrow in season 8. And we had a speculation that it not his, now we have confirmation. The suit is after all not for Oliver Queen.

Arrow/Oliver Queen
Arrow/Oliver Queen

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim confirmed this. He served as an executive consultant for the show. He re-posted a photo recently for the Arrow series’ Season 8. In that image, we see a new suit. Guggenheim wrote in the tweet “Not Oliver’s”.


What Does This Mean?

This suggests that there will be a new character. The suit is going to be his in the eighth Season, which is the Finale for the show.

Oliver Left Earth In Season 7

Oliver left the Earth in the Season ends, with Monitor. This is why it is no surprise that we can see a new character trying to take his place. Oliver meanwhile will prepare for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

The vigilante had already left Team Arrow to spend time with his family. Season 8 will show a long time since he left the Earth.


Who Will Wear The Costume?

The major question that arises now is that who will wear it? Who will be Star City’s new Vigilante Hero?

In the Season 7 finale, it was suggested that maybe Diggle will take that place. However, now it seems a new character might do that. Similar to how his sister Emiko did in the season before this.


Oliver’s Daughter Might Carry On The Legacy

Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen

There is a chance if the show shows a flash-forward plot, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia might continue her father’s legacy. She can become the next Arrow.

Connor Hawke is also a potential candidate for the same as well. We will probably not get any confirmation anytime soon. The Season 8 is set to premiere this fall. There is a chance that the cast and crew might drop some hints at the Comic-Con International in San Diego.


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