Another behind-the-scenes picture from the upcoming Doom Patrol TV series flaunts Joivan Wade as Cyborg.

Victor Stone, otherwise known as Cyborg, is set to join the recently presented members from the group – Robot Man, Elasti-Woman, Crazy Jane, Negative Man and the Chief. The photograph flaunts a more customary looking Cyborg than the adaptation of the character in the Justice League film.

Played by Ray Fischer, that version skewed nearer to the New 52 reboot incarnation of Cyborg, though Doom Patrol is by all accounts taking more ideas from the first Teen Titans stories.

New BTS look at Cyborg from r/TitansTV

This rendition of the character still holds some human components of his body, prominently with a greater amount of his face and even one hand with flesh and bone.

Spinning out of Titans, Doom Patrol is the next program to join DC Universe’s lineup.

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