Amidst a flurry of excitement and anticipation, a compelling rumor began to circulate, steadily gaining considerable momentum within the fan community. This intriguing piece of gossip hinted at the prospect of Dafne Keen, the talented actress renowned for her portrayal of X-23, also known as Laura, gracing the screen in Deadpool 3. Keen’s initial foray into the X-Men universe occurred alongside Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine in the poignant film, Logan. In that film, her role resonated deeply with audiences, leaving an indelible emotional impact.

Deadpool 3
Deadpool 3

As the rumor mill churned, it became increasingly apparent that Keen’s potential appearance in Deadpool 3 might not entail a central character arc but rather a tantalizing cameo. Fans across the globe found themselves abuzz with excitement over the mere possibility of witnessing X-23’s presence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This exciting development has piqued the interest of fans, as they eagerly anticipate the potential reunion of these two characters on the big screen.

Speculation on Dafne Keen’s Reunion with Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3

Dafne Keen
Dafne Keen

The highly anticipated return of Dafne Keen as X-23 seems to be on the horizon, and the stage for her comeback could be set in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Dafne Keen herself expressed her eagerness to reprise the role in 2020. Her enthusiasm for bringing Laura Kinney back to the screen was met with enthusiasm from fans who were eager to see her don the mantle of X-23 once again. The excitement reached new heights with the announcement of Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool 3, as it hinted at the possibility of X-23’s return to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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However, there’s a significant caveat: it hinges on the resolution of the ongoing Actors Strike. This means people who work in movies are not working right now. So, Marvel Studios can’t talk to Dafne Keen about coming back until the strike is over.  Recent rumors have stirred excitement among fans, as they suggest that Dafne Keen, known for her role in His Dark Materials, has been approached to portray a matured version of Laura, aka X-23.

The intrigue deepens with insider information, suggesting that Marvel Studios had initiated negotiations with Dafne Keen prior to the commencement of the Actors Strike. In a surprising twist, it seems the studio had anticipated the strike associated with SAG-AFTRA, raising the possibility that a deal may have already been struck behind closed doors, though the details of such an agreement remain shrouded in uncertainty.

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Studios’ Strategy and X-23’s Limited Role in Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Dafne Keen’s portrayal of Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, received widespread praise when she appeared in the movie Logan. Fans were thrilled to see this character, as it felt like she was inheriting the legacy of Wolverine. However, it seems that Laura’s role in Deadpool 3 might not be as significant as some fans hoped. According to insiders, her appearance is more likely to be a cameo, a brief appearance rather than a major part of the story. This plan seems to match up with what Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3, mentioned when he said that they were already halfway through making the movie when the strikes hit.

Dafne Keen’s role in Deadpool 3 won’t be a big one. Instead, it’s likely to be more of a cameo appearance, which means she won’t have a lot of screen time or a major role in the story. This might be because of the uncertainty caused by the strikes, as well as the overall direction the movie is taking. So, while fans are excited about her return, they should keep their expectations in check when it comes to her involvement in this particular film.

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