Warner Bros. have started unveiling details of a revived fan-favourite series as they prepare to launch their new superhero-streaming platform, DC Universe. There is news for all the fans of ‘Young Justice’ as the show returns for it’s third season and now we have an idea of which superheroes would be returning and all the fresh faces joining the team for the new episodes.
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The new image shared by the Warner Bros. hints that the role of Black Lightning shall be escalated, given the character’s popularity thanks to the CW series. Even in the comics, Black Lightning helped Batman create the team of Outsiders which proves this step to be logical.

For those who are returning include the likes of Superboy, the former Artemis now known as Tigress, Nightwing and Black Lightning. Metamorpho and Katana are the new characters included along with a few new faces which we can’t identify at the moment. But of course, we can go on with the speculations about the characters.

The woman flying in the picture could be lightning, keeping in mind her proximity to Black lightning and her own role in Outsiders. The green costumed character could be Geo-Force but among all the given characters, one intrigues a viewer the most.

The alien character with six limbs could be the newest addition to the DC universe or it could be a new take on an existing character. It seems to have a similar design to Geo-Force and Lightning though there are resemblances to a cult-favourite character- Ambush Bug. Ambush Bug is mostly recognized in a green costume but with the googles and the mask, it well could be an updated take on the character.

We really hope to learn more about these characters in Young Justice: Outsiders as well as more familiar and new faces in the coming weeks. Young Justice: Outsiders will be aired on DC Universe which will be aired later this year.

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