On the evening of 24 February, Lucasfilm executives and members of their creative team gathered to introduce a new publishing initiative officially.

Star Wars: The High Republic
Star Wars: The High Republic

The action is titled as, Star Wars: The High Republic. The series was previously known as “Project Luminous”. The series will feature books and comics detailing the zenith of the Republic and the Jedi.

The Storyline

New Yoda
New Yoda

The High Republic series is set approximately 200 years before the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Star Wars Universe has never explored this period before. So there is another benefit, the new publishing campaign won’t overlap any of the films, books, or Star Wars graphic novels in any way, that you’ve previously seen.

During the first phase of The High Republic, Five titles have been confirmed. These include Star Wars: The High Republic: Adventures and Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi. These two are currently available for pre-order. The Lucasfilm team has also hired fan-favourite writers Charles Soule, Cavan Scott, Claudia Grey, Justina Irel and Daniel José Older to bring to life this rich era of Galactic history.

New Yoda

Star Wars: The High Republic | Announcement Trailer

As the project has nothing to do with television, the four-minute trailer is packed with a fair share of concept art. And this is where a snapshot pops up with a revealing shot. While McCaig interacts with one who’s off-screen, we can see a large piece of Yoda concept art behind him. If you squint and focus your eyes correctly, you can surely make out drawings of a Baby Yoda. The character looks a bit different than the baby version of Yoda, that we’ve seen in The Mandalorian.

Timeline And The Baby

Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda

As The High Republic is set 2before prior to the events of The Phantom Menace. It means that the original Yoda would be around 600 years old at this particular point in the timeline. If compared, The Child in The Mandalorian is about 50 years old. And, we still don’t have an idea on how The Child came to existance, or if it has any relation at all to the real Yoda.

Those involved in the development are careful not officially to call the character Baby Yoda. Bob Iger even said that he got in trouble for calling the character Baby Yoda in an e-mail with Jon Favreau.


The character is Not Baby Yoda. The series is a history; rest is a mystery. And fans are curious to unveil this mystery.

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