The Conjuring universe is the gift that keeps on giving to us, horror fans. Each movie in the franchise features multiple ghosts and demons and so many of those terrifying characters go on to get their own spinoff movies. It’s already happened with The Nun, Annabelle, and possibly The Crooked Man. And now, according to sources close to WGTC, The Bride is next up to receive her own outing.

The Bride ,is next up to receive her own film

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If you’ll recall, the character featured heavily in the Annabelle Comes Home film , where The Bride was one of the spirits who was already kept under lock and key by Ed and Lorraine Warren in their house. The spinoff will reportedly take us back to the case which had first brought The Bride into contact with the ghost hunters and we’ve been told by our sources – the same ones who said Bill Murray was returning for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and a new Scream movie is in its works, both of which we now know to be true – that Corin Hardy, director of The Nun and already well-versed with the Conjuring verse, is being eyed to helm. Though from what we understand, that’s not set in stone just now yet.

Obviously, this is pretty exciting news. We’ve already seen the havoc The Bride can wreak when Annabelle let loose her spirit in Annabelle Comes Home. She was able to attack and possess Daniela, and also use her to terrorize the other members of the house. Ever since her appearance in the movie, fans have also  clamored to know more about the sinister spirit and well now, it seems they’ll get their wish with this upcoming spinoff.

The Story behind The Bride’s curse

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The Bride’s spinoff in making

From what little backstory we’ve been given on the character, we know that The Bride is a spirit that haunts women who are about to get married through a cursed wedding dress. As soon as a bride-to-be puts on the beautiful dress, she becomes possessed by the spirit, which directs her to kill her groom. Of course, the menace of the haunted dress was finally put to an end after Ed and Lorraine investigated the killings and had taken the dress to keep with them under strict supervision.

Casting and further plot details for The Bride’s spinoff are still scarce, as it’s only in early, early development, but as the mythology of The Conjuring universe continues to expand with each new spinoff, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what sort of new horrors are introduced to viewers that are completely original to the franchise instead of being adapted from some sort of existing fictional work.

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