Nicole Kidman’s unforgettable smooch with her co-star Alexander Skarsgard at the 2017 Emmy has a bizarre reason which just left fans nothing but creeped out. Talking about the kiss on The Graham Norton Show Nicole Kidman explained why she kissed her co-star in front of her husband. However, with every word of Kidman, it only got worse as fans found it to be creepy.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman Kissed Alexander Skarsgard at the Emmy Awards

Nicole Kidman had once sent shockwaves down the industry when the infamous actress kissed her co-star Alexander Skarsgard at the 2017 Emmy Awards in front of her husband Keith Urban.

It all happened when Alexander Skarsgard won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in the Limited Series for Big Little Lies. Kidman was so happy about his win that she went straight up to him and kissed him on the lips.

Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard
Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard at the Emmy

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While this action of Nicole Kidman herself was quite shocking, what made it more awkward was that her real-life husband Keith Urban was standing right behind her and was even applauding for them.

As if the kiss was not enough Kidman’s explanation for it just made it worse as fans find themselves creeped out from her action.

Nicole Kidman Explains Her Kiss with Alexander Skarsgard

During her time on The Graham Norton Show, Nicole Kidman explained the reason why she kissed Alexander Skarsgard. It all started when the host of the show Grahamm Norton pulled out the picture of her kissing her costar.

Nicole Kidman with Alexander Skarsgard
Nicole Kidman with Alexander Skarsgard

As soon as the picture was pulled Kidman was quick to react and said “You are so provocative, Graham.” Not only this she went up all defense saying “I also kissed my husband, too.”

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Well Kidman did not stop her as she went on to say “I did kiss [Skarsgard], but you gotta understand, I did everything with Alex. I’ve got an amazing, supportive husband who I love more than anything in the world, and I gave Alex a congratulatory kiss, and he’s like a mannequin. I mean, not a mannequin,” Kidman said, laughing at herself before declaring, “I’m done.”

Nicole Kidman’s explanation only has the fans creeped out as they wonder why she would call her co-star a mannequin.

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