Global action icons Scott Adkins and Frank Grillo may have been a part of the same film in the past, but the acclaimed Zero Dark Thirty by Kathryn Bigelow didn’t really happen in either actor’s wheelhouse.

The two ranks as two of the most grizzled star in the show business, so seemed as if only a matter of time before they actually ended up sharing the screen together in a much more meaningful capacity. Now, a single rolling tear will undoubtedly be gushing down the cheeks of stunt performers all across, as the two are known for some kick-ass scenes after Deadline recently revealed the two had signed on for the forthcoming actioner Lights Out.

Frank Grillo
Frank Grillo

The film is scripted by Chad Law and Garry Charles, while Christian Sesma will helm a project that’s sure to be an absolute bone-cruncher, with Frank Grillo playing an ex-soldier who gets drawn into the world of underground fighting, which places him in opposition to hired guns and corrupt cops.

The Cast of Lights Out Looks Diverse and Impressive!

Lights Out
Lights Out

The film also sees Dermot Mulroney and Mekhi Phifer on board, but the actual selling point for all fans of the mid-budget action genre will be watching the undisputed titans Adkins and Grillo going against each other, toe-to-toe. Both the actors have been on a hot streak in the recent past, giving us some of the best works of their careers, so as fans, all we can hope is that Lights Out continues in the same vein.

Adkins had recently wrapped up the filming for the anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4 and Netflix’s Day Shift starring Jamie Fox. My Best Friend’s Wedding star Mulroney also recently wrapped filming on Agent Game with Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs. He plays the role of John Carmichael in the Amazon series Hanna.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with this brilliant cast led by Frank Grillo. Frank and the rest of the cast’s commitment is unparalleled, and I can’t wait to share this action-packed thrill ride that we’re cooking up. Strap in,” said Burrows of Firebrand.

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