Sandra Bullock one of the most celebrated Hollywood actresses married Jesse James in 2005. The marriage didn’t last more than five years for it was revealed how the bad boy reality star James cheated on Bullock. Ever since then, Jesse James became the evil dude who cheated on the Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. Further, he was called out for wearing a Nazi cap and making a joke. 

Jesse James
Jesse James’ memoir American Outlaw

James finally came out for an interview with The Daily Beast to talk about his mémoire and his struggling life which led him to take cryptic decisions. He even compared his lack of privileged with Prince Harry, especially after the Duke was seen in a similar attire posing as a Nazi. 

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Jesse James Stripped Of Fame

Jesse James released his mémoire, American Outlaw, on 3rd May 2011. Further, he sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast to talk about his early life and the struggles that made him the bad guy in the public eye.

Coming from a broken home and suffering from child abuse, James grew up to be a reality TV star with Discovery channel’s Monster Garage. He further recalled his three failed marriages and finally ending up with the Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. The father of three further touched upon, how he was cheated on by his first girlfriend and was abused by his stepmother, which led him to have trust issues even with Bullock. 

Bullock with ex-husband, Jesse James
Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock

Further, he stated how his “ego, loneliness, distrust,” led him to cheat on the actress. James further elaborated “You really got to take care of each other. I didn’t have the ability or the knowledge to know that back then.” The interviewer addressed the pictures of him posing as a Nazi right after his divorce which caused him an epic fall from grace. To which James stated, “You know, people were out for blood” for he cheated on Sandra Bullock, thus making a big issue out of his trivial joke. 

Jesse James elaborated how he just cracked a joke which turned into a serious issue especially because of his past deeds. 

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Jesse James Spoke About Prince Harry’s Nazi Attire

The reality TV actor’s situation was compared to Prince Harry, for even he was spotted wearing a Nazi uniform at a party. James, therefore, stated the difference between his and the Duke’s privileged. “He’s a prince though. I’m a “bad dude.” He can brush it off as just wearing a costume or something, and I was just wearing a hat and making a funny joke.” James stated. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry’s Nazi attire at a party

He confessed how he ended up in a mess especially because of cheating on his wife who was a beloved superstar. Nobody questioned Prince Harry for his Nazi attire because he never cheated on Meghan Markle. While on the other hand, James was completely stripped of his fame. The father of three even stated how several other personalities had similar associations with Nazi uniforms but no one suffered like him. His simple reason was, “none of those dudes cheated on their wife, who was an Oscar winner.” 

Although Jesse James and Sandra Bullock have mutual respect for each other in the present day, the actor somehow blamed himself for his fall from grace. For James, everything boiled down to him cheating on Bullock which led to the entire disgrace. 

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Source: The Daily Beast 

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