Kanye West is no stranger to frequently making new headlines and controversies. From his religious views to his opinions on his children’s education, the Grammy-winning singer seldom thinks before he speaks. His bold claims are often controversial and subject to backlash. Nonetheless, his music often garners millions of streams, making him one of the most popular singers in modern times. But there’s one more thing that West did right.

Kanye West’s Daughter North West Announces Debut Album

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West must be feeling like a proud daddy as his young daughter North West announced her debut album titled Elementary School Dropout. Not only is she following in her dad’s footsteps to make it big in the world of tunes and lyrics, but she’s also keeping herself connected to her roots by naming her album similar to what West named his debut album, The College Dropout.

At just 10 years old, North West is already making splashes with her music. She was featured in her dad’s past tracks, including Talking/Once Again. It seems like North West has been inspired by her father’s success in the industry and wants to make a name for herself similarly. She announced the release of her album during Kanye West’s Vultures 2 listening party in Phoenix.

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North West with her mother and siblings (via Instagram)
North West with her mother and siblings (via Instagram)

Whether North West banks on her father’s support to garner fans and listeners or makes it big on her own since she has the talent is yet to be seen. The crowd surely cheered for her when she made the announcement. On the other hand, people are concerned about such a young artist entering the competitive music scene. With Kanye West’s constant uproars and comments, people believe North West might be facing some of that brunt and might receive negativity that is not meant for her.

Kanye West Tops Hot 100 Charts

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Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ing

Kanye West is also on a successful trajectory with his latest track named Carnival with rapper Ty Dolla $ign, a part of Vultures album has charted at the number 1 position on Billboards Hot 100. After 13 long years, Kanye West is finally charting at number 1. Despite his antisemitic comments and repeated backlash over his controversial comments, West has climbed to the top again and consolidated his position in the industry yet again.

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The singer needed to have such a successful hit song at this point in his career. He seems to be making a comeback and focusing on what truly matters – his music and his work rather than getting entangled in meaningless debates. Carnival has cemented Kanye West’s position while fans expect more from the singer in the future. Given how audacious and egotistical the singer is, he will surely try to top this off soon and come back stronger.

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