Breaking into Hollywood as an Oscar nominee and stealing hearts in the dramedy film Almost Famous, Kate Hudson has always wanted it all! Before going on to define a decades’ worth of studio-driven rom-coms, Hudson toplined $100 million (by just the age of 25). 

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson after her appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman promoting You Me and Dupree | Wikimedia/Katie Kiehn

You could say that Kate Hudson is extremely famous as an actor and singer—true that. Yet, despite her ginormous success, she became a relatively specific kind of movie star—one trapped in the romantic-comedy bubble. The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star opens up about feeling stuck in her acting career. 

From rom-com queen to almost famous singer, what held Kate Hudson back? 

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson, Deepwater Horizon actress, takes a photo with Keesler personnel at the Welch Theater | Wikimedia/Kemberly Groue

Appearing on the popular singing competition show, The Voice, Hollywood stunner Kate Hudson grabbed the stage and took everyone by surprise. Hudson, who has long been recognized for her fascinating roles in motion pictures, astonished both judges and fans with a strong vocal performance that quite literally exceeded expectations.

Now, you might argue—how come the sudden shift from acting to music? Well, the actor herself talks about releasing her debut music album, ‘Glorious,’ while filming another Netflix comedy Running Point, which she hoped would run for four good years. 

Launching a music career while in acting stardom for almost two decades was a challenging decision. In a conversation with Variety, Hudson said candidly that she could’ve done music in her late twenties, but the fear of rejection got the best of her. She expressed: 

When it comes to this, though, it felt so vulnerable that if I would’ve done this in my late twenties, I think it would’ve been very hard for me to not sort of get carried into what people were saying. And at this age and where I’m at in my life, I don’t have that same fear of rejection anymore. I really just want to share it.

While performing her studio album ‘Glorious’ on stage, the almost universal response was like, “wow, she can sing… really sing.” Even the normally stoic judges were clearly taken aback! Kelly Clarkson‘s eyes brimmed with emotion, Blake Shelton’s jaw hung limply, and John Legend legit broke into a standing ovation. The audience erupted in thunderous ovation, equally enthralled.

Hudson talked candidly about entering the music business and penning songs for her next album in an interview with People. She told the publication, 

It’s really fun. I’m really enjoying it. The writing process was the most important and cathartic for me. 

Glorious, her debut studio album, dropped on May 17. Kate Hudson disclosed that she’s been rather busy creating music videos for a few of the songs. With the visuals, fans will have even more to anticipate as, according to Hudson, each outfit is a “different extension of myself in these songs.”

Fans go Gaga over Hudson’s musical metamorphosis!

Kate Hudson during her visit to Keesler Air Force Base September 2016
Kate Hudson during her visit to Keesler Air Force Base September 2016 | Wikimedia/Heather Heiney

Commenting under her BTS post of ‘Gonna Find Out,’ one fan wrote, “You sound like Amy Winehouse here. Soooo good.” Another said, “Your vocal range is amazing. Loved it.” A third demanded, “Why were you keeping your voice behind doors????” However, this shouldn’t be as surprising given her voice in successful musical films in Nine, Horizon, and even the 2021-hit Music. 

Hudson’s transformation from actress to songstress is reminiscent of other accomplished changes in the entertainment business. Locating her way from ideal producers to collaborators, the bombshell will steer through the challenges of the music industry. Without a shadow’s doubt, Hudson’s ascendancy holds the promise of a glorious future ahead.

You can buy Kate Hudson’s ‘Glorious’ album on Amazon or iTunes and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music.

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