Controversies add another layer of suspense when nobody knows who it is about. Whether it’s a mean comment from a co-star or a hilarious incident on set, actors are known to share anecdotes that have significance for them without harming another actor’s career. Along the same lines, Rebecca Ferguson, a talented actress with numerous projects under her belt, recently revealed a harrowing incident that left her in tears.

Anonymous Co-star Yelled at Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson in Mission: Impossible

Next seen in the smashing sequel to Dune, Rebecca Ferguson is a confident actress who doesn’t falter too easily. However, during an appearance on Reign with Josh Smith podcast, the actress recounted a situation where she used her voice and stood up for herself. Apparently, an unnamed co-star yelled at Ferguson and made her feel uncomfortable on set. She shared,

“I did a film with an absolute idiot of a co-star. This human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t get the scenes out. And I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at and I would cry walking off set. The next day I walked on, I said, ‘You get off my set. I looked at this person and said, ‘You can eff off. I’m going to work with a tennis ball. I never want to see you again.’”

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Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson in Dune

During the interview itself, Ferguson clarifies it was not Tom Cruise, her Mission Impossible co-star, or Hugh Jackman, the actor she worked with on The Greatest Showman. The two actors are anyway considered generally polite and friendly on set. Dwayne Johnson commented on the interview’s post on X to let everyone know it definitely was not him. However, he also showed her support towards his Hercules co-star and scared the person who actually did it.

The saddest part is the actor did not get the producers’ support as the actor who yelled at her was number 1 on the call sheet. She was asked not to speak that way since the actor was integral to the movie. Nonetheless, Ferguson stood her ground and refused to act further until the actor turned around and she could speak to their back.

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Which A-list Actor Screamed at Rebecca Ferguson?

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson
Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson in MI

On being asked to comment by Daily Mail, Emily Blunt clarified she was not the actor Ferguson is talking about with her spokesman claiming, “Rebecca and Emily are friends and there’s nothing but love between them.” Fans have started combing through Ferguson’s filmography to find that A-list actor who made the mistake of screaming at her. In no world will that person come forward due to fear of ridicule and backlash on social media.

Some of the other high-profile actors who have worked with Ferguson in the last 10-12 years as per the timeline she mentioned are Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth, and Ewan McGregor. Gyllenhaal’s on-set antics frustrated French director Thomas Bidegain who claimed the actor ruined the film Suddenly. Later, the director alleged that the split was due to creative differences. Fans are going down the wormhole of Ferguson’s movie, determined to unveil the mysterious yeller.

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