The upcoming live-action series Ahsoka will reunite the team as the threat to the New Republic grows. The series is set nine years after the major events of Star Wars Rebels. Where Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the live-action series, a comment by Dave Filoni has left the fandom divided.

Recently, Filoni, who created Star Wars Rebels and is now in charge of Ahsoka, sparked a debate online by describing who, in his opinion, is the greatest Jedi where Yoda, Galen Marek, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Luke Skywalker, and Anakin Skywalker are the names that pop up.

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Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in ‘Ahsoka’

Dave Filoni names Anakin Skywalker as the ‘greatest Jedi’

The filmmaker and director Dave Filoni joined the Star Wars world with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and went on to direct and create Star Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, and his upcoming movie alongside Jon Favreau.

In a video, Journey to Ahsoka, Filoni said while talking about the upcoming show, “We’re telling the story of this character who’s been trained by the greatest Jedi of all time in Anakin Skywalker.” Fans quickly started to share their opinion on the same as one of them added, “Facts. Anakin really was the best of the Jedi. From The Clone Wars to Revenge of the Sith, he was everything that Qui-Gon said he would be.” 

Dave Filoni mentions Anakin Skywalker as Greatest Jedi
Dave Filoni mentions Anakin Skywalker as Greatest Jedi

At the same time, there were a few who disagreed with the statement and said that Anakin Skywalker lost that 1v1 with Obi tho. A user also pointed out that the director is not always correct and people like Anakin, but the greatest. No. Another one stated, “I would think that came from George. And until Anakin fell to the Darkside, he really was the greatest Jedi.” 

Someone commented,

“Nobody is perfect. George Lucas never made Anakin invincible, but he was the best. He characterizes real human mistakes, downfalls and even modern anxiety. A person who can want to do all the good in the world and still mess up. Never having a father, but saved as a father by his son,” whereas another user mentioned, “I see you all saying Obi-Wan’s the greatest Jedi in response to Filoni here, but that’s also wrong cuz neither Anakin or Obi-Wan come close to Luke and/or Qui-Gon.” 

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Jon Favreau explained why Anakin Skywalker is stronger than Luke Skywalker

During an interview with The Cyber Nerds, Jon Favreau was asked, according to him, who would win a fight between prime Anakin and prime Luke to which he said Anakin.

He explained,

“I think it has to be Anakin, right? I mean it has to be. I mean who– a prime Anakin? And there’s so many different phases of it. But… we never really got to see– we saw a little bit of prime Luke with what we did. We alluded to it, but who knows what he’s been off to? But Anakin faced so many more challenges… He was in his prime in a more dynamic period in Star Wars history, right?”

Dave Filoni mentions Anakin Skywalker as Greatest Jedi
Jon Favreau says Anakin Skywalker is stronger than Luke Skywalker

The creator of The Mandalorian also shared with the publication that all of the characters that he oversees or writes feel good for him. He further mentioned, “When you write a thing, there are always aspects — you always channel a part of yourself. So, I like them all. There’s none that I dislike writing about. I’m having fun with everybody in ‘The Mandalorian.'” The maker continued by saying that he likes to write for Armorer especially because of how enigmatic the character is.

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What is Ahsoka about?

The recently released two-minute clip of the upcoming live-action series is said to be set in the same time as The Mandalorian’s third season and reveals the reunion of her and Sabine Wren, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, which was previously seen as an epilogue for Star Wars Rebels. The series continues the storyline established in Rebels and is scheduled for eight episodes.

Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, is heard saying in the trailer that she is looking to stop Thrawn from becoming heir to the Empire. Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla, joins her and late actor Ray Stevenson who plays Baylan Skoll.

Dave Filoni's Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson in Dave Filoni’s Ahsoka

During the Ahsoka panel at the Star Wars Celebration, the actress reassured the fans that the live-action series was going to serve as the continuation of the animated series. She later told Variety,

“These characters are in really different places in their lives. There is an aspect of the hero’s journey that is very lonely. You sacrifice a lot when you’re out there fighting a good fight. It’s going to be really beautiful and revelatory to see the things that can happen when you work in the community when you find those relationships and the people that you can trust.”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who will be taking over the role of Hera Syndulla, also shared on the panel that the fans are going to learn more about the general who commands a lot of respect and is a mother figure to the crew and her loved ones. Winstead added that Hera is very similar to what people have seen of her in Rebels.

Ahsoka is set to hit Disney+ on August 23 later this year.

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