Shakira’s 91-year-old father is back in the hospital again. Local media reported that William Mebarak, 91, was hospitalized over the weekend at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona, and the whole family of the Columbian singer is watching his health. Among those people who have not stopped asking questions and are concerned about Mebarak’s health, one of them is none other than Shakira’s ex-partner Gerard Pique.

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira

Reportedly, the Waka Waka hitmaker’s former partner Gerard Pique is still in contact with her family as the footballer has been frequently visiting her father at the hospital. As per Marca, when Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, the Columbian singer’s mother, was questioned about the Barcelona player’s visits and if she still considers him a part of her family, Ripoll said yes, confirming that Pique is still a part of the family.

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Shakira’s family is concerned about the delicate health condition of her father

The singer’s 91-year-old father William Mebarak, is admitted to the hospital again after four months. Mebarak was hospitalized before in the same hospital after a serious fall, that affected his motor skills. He was discharged days later, and with much love and affection, Shakira took him home to receive the necessary care.

Shakira gets in a tax fraud case

The whole Columbian family is in distress seeing the deteriorating conditions of William Mebarak. Shakira confirmed the news of her father herself in a brief statement, where she told that the whole family asks for respect at this time and asks for the public’s discretion and understanding. Shakira is Mebarak’s only daughter from his relationship with her mother, Nidia Ripoll, and he is reportedly one of the singer’s most significant influences.

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Shakira’s mom still considers Gerard Pique as part of her family

The mother of the South American artist spoke with media representatives outside the Teknon-Quiron hospital in Barcelona, where Mr. William Mebarak, the father of the Colombian singer is hospitalized, and the whole family is watching his health. “Of course, yes, we are still family,” Ripoll replied when she was asked if she still considers Pique a part of her family.


The 35-year-old Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique, is reportedly still close to Shakira’s family as he was spotted a few times around the hospital where Mebarak is admitted. Due to this sweet gesture despite the problems between the player and the music star, the whole Columbian family of Shakira is grateful to him and they insist that the world champion in South Africa 2010 is still a part of their family.

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Things are not getting easier for Shakira

Although Shakira’s attention is completely focused on her family, for now, the 45-year-old singer’s career is spiking high. A few weeks ago, she released the highly anticipated new single, Monotonía, featuring Ozuna. The song came with an incredible music video, shedding light on her breakup with Gerard Piqué.

Shakira and Gerard Pique with their kids
Pique with his ex and kids

The split from the Barcelona player is a big shock for the Columbian singer. Especially since he is already in a new relationship with Clara Chia Marti, the 23-year-old young PR student with whom he was allegedly unfaithful. On top of that, Shakira is facing legal troubles with accusations of tax evasion in Spain, which could lead her to spend at least eight years in prison, if things don’t work out in her favor.

Source: Geo TV

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