Writers Jim Zub, AL Ewing and Mark Waid along with artists Sean Izaakse and Carlo Barberi made Avengers: No Road Home a series which is just as exciting as their last year’s Avengers: No Surrender. But they still experimented and went in a completely new direction.

Avengers no Road Home #1
Avengers no Road Home #1

Avengers: No Road Home saw its completion recently and readers were treated to deaths of Olympian Gods and also to the reintroduction of Conan back into the greater Marvel Universe. But the best was saved for last with a meta final issue which saw Vision and Hercules walking on new heroic paths, celebrated Marvel’s 80th anniversary and took place against the backdrop of suburban long island. That’s unique for sure.

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Creators Talk Avengers: No Road Home

Ewing, Jim Zub and Mark Waid recently sat down with CBR for a chat and talked about wrapping up Avengers: No Road Home. There they talk about the meta nature of the Vision’s final battle with the villainous Olympian Goddess Nyx, the reason why the battle was set on Long island and what was the inspiration behind that final showdown.

A page from Avengers: No Road Home Issue 10
A page from Avengers: No Road Home Issue 10

CBR asked about the meta reference to ‘House of Ideas’, about heroes who appeared out of panels and if the ending was planned as such. To this Mark waid replied:

“Jim muttered ‘House of Ideas…?’ At some point during our initial meeting and I jumped on it…nothing could be a more perfect final battleground. In tales of heroic fiction, darkness doesn’t simply symbolize nightfall! It’s the shroud of despair, the shape of surrender. What, then, is the opposite of darkness but hope, and what’s the greatest source of hope in the Marvel Universe if not unbridled heroism. On top of that, even though it was never our intention until that moment, we also saw how this would be the perfect way of working a stealth 80th anniversary celebration into No Road Home– by unleashing the entire Marvel Universe on the enemy.

CBR then asked about the location of the final battle between Nyx and the Vision which happens at one of the dwellings of ” The One Above All Others, ” and that house happens to be in Long Island. Why was Long Island chosen? Was it a deliberate homage to editor and Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort, who also lives there?

Time to fight
Avengers No Road Home

To this, Waid answered that,

“As much as we love Tom, the Hatted One, he wasn’t why we went with Long Island. For your final Jeopardy clue, you will have to look for a specific bit of artistic license.

Zub then chimed in to add that it’s a homage but not to Tom. He then said that this is one readers will have to piece it together themselves.

CBR further asked about Vision and Nyx’s clash where Vision talks about how Nyx planned to impose her “rules” on their reality, and how this reality isn’t about rules. So could those lines reference the meta nature of the issue, especially about the rejection of the negative forces, specifically about what has been said regarding Marvel Comics online?

The Marvel Universe comes together for the fight
The Marvel Universe comes together for the fight in Avengers No Road Home

Waid says that wasn’t his intention. He elaborates and says that:

“Specific negative forces were never in our crosshairs or on our minds. The meta nature of that chapter was simply a way for us to draw a line in the sand against cynicism. I, for one, have been a broken record over the years about my belief that- metaphorically- superhero comics aren’t about rules, they’re about flying.

Zub then chimes in to say that on both No Surrender and No Road Home, they set out to tell old school superhero tales but with a modern flare. He also elaborated by saying that they don’t need to take potshots or address any kind of specific negativity. The best thing to do would be to make stories that exemplify positivity and hope, the things which inspire us about superheroes.

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