When it comes to the art of costume design in movies, there are few people who are as influential as Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard. The Polish designer has worked on some of the most famous and important movies of all time, collaborating with such outstanding directors as Steven Spielberg, Roman Polaski, and Quentin Tarantino.

She has been nominated thrice in the category of Best Costume Design for the Academy Award for movies like Schindler’s List, The Pianist, and Maleficent, which makes her one of the most dedicated professionals.

Anna B. Sheppard
Anna B. Sheppard attending the premiere of Maleficent at Kensington Palace, London | Credits: Justin Tallis/PA Wire

Apart from that, Sheppard has worked on Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger and Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, as fans eagerly await the arrival of the highly anticipated Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, it has been recently announced that Sheppard will be the costume designer for the DCU movie.

Anna B. Sheppard Joining Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Promises Peak Costumes

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow | via IMDb

From impactful movies like Schindler’s List to the fantasy movies in Maleficent, Sheppard has proven herself to be versatile in her work consistently. With an impressive list of accolades like BAFTA and César Award nominations, Sheppard’s involvement in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow proves that the DCU makers are setting their sights on the top.

This strategic move to move to DC from Marvel has caused fans and netizens to wonder about the new heights that Supergirl’s costume would take. Many believe that Anna B. Sheppard’s involvement will create the best costumes ever for Supergirl.

As the costume designer for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Sheppard now faces a challenge unlike any of her previous work- depicting the classic image of one of the most well-known heroes in the DCU. Kara Zor-El from the comics wears red and blue attire, and this clothing is much more than just a costume, it is a beacon of hope, strength, and resilience for the fans.

Sheppard’s vision has to be both a nostalgic reference to the comic book character and also fresh enough to set this version apart from the ones that came before it. Starting from the folds of the cape to the curves of the bodysuit, the characterization has to be perfect in order to portray Supergirl, while at the same time, the clothes have to have free-flow movements fitting for a superhero.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Plot, Release Date and More

Milly Alcock
Milly Alcock | via Milly Alcock’s Instagram

The talented and young House of the Dragon actress, Milly Alcock, is set to portray the role of Kara Zor-El. The co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, has hinted at a much more hardcore version of Supergirl. In Woman of Tomorrow, Supergirl will be shown as someone who has survived to be the witness of Krypton’s destruction. This has opened up many perspectives for the viewers to enjoy.

The movie is written by Otto Binder, Tom King, and Ana Nogueira and will be directed by Craig Gillespie. Before the movie, Alcock might also appear in Superman: Legacy. In an earlier announcement video, James Gunn revealed some plot details about Woman of Tomorrow. He said,

We will see the difference between Superman, who was sent to Earth and raised by loving parents from the time he was an infant, versus Supergirl, raised on a rock, a chip off of Krypton, and who watched everyone around her die and be killed in terrible ways for the first 14 years of her life and then come to Earth. She is much more hard-core and not the Supergirl we’re used to.

With the release getting closer, fans can expect great things when it comes to Supergirl’s looks, as Anna B. Sheppard is the costume designer behind everything. With the huge potential of the new DC Studios team, fans can hope for better days in the DCU.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be released on June 26, 2026, in theaters.

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