In their days, the Seven Warlords of the Sea posed a serious threat. There has been a gap in the three major powers of the One Piece realm ever since this system was eliminated. However, in the most recent Egghead arc, creator Eiichiro Oda shocked us as usual by introducing us to some very powerful new creatures. The Seraphims were one such group, greatly anticipated as the Warlords’ replacements.

Fans may remember that the Saboady Archipelago arc’s introduction of Pacifistas proved to be a tragic event. Fast-forward to the present, where the Pacifistas have been updated and are known as the Seraphim.

The Seraphim
The Seraphim (Credits: Viz Media)

Seraphim are thought to be a special form of Pacifista that were created to take over for the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The leader of the Marines’ Special Science Group (SSG), Dr. Vegapunk, is recognized for having invented and perfected Seraphim. However, the Seraphim are not as perfect as they seem.

The Seraphim’s Larger-Than-Life Personalities Might Be a Problem

The Seraphim mimics the personalities of the Warlords
The Seraphim mimics the personalities of the Warlords (Credits: Viz Media)

Perhaps its greatest shortcoming is that the Seraphim, the most recent generation of Ultimate Living Weapons from the One Piece World Government, are clones of former Warlords of the Sea. With their replicated Devil Fruit powers and Lunarian toughness, the Seraphim have rendered previous Pacifista models obsolete.

The Seraphim have demonstrated incredible effectiveness in taking on One Piece‘s most formidable warriors, including Luffy, Zoro, and Lucci. However, the larger-than-life personalities the Seraphim are cloned from may be a bigger problem than Dr. Vegapunk and the Five Elders realized.

The Seraphim of Egghead Island were individually posing serious problems for the Straw Hats when readers last saw them. A fascinating plot twist was introduced in One Piece chapter #1090, which skipped the combat and instead had Vegapunk’s living weapons imprisoned in Bubble Balls that were sealed with Sea Energy.

This includes S-Snake, Boa Hancock’s Seraphim clone, whose terrifying abilities already overpowered several of Luffy’s crew. That did not stop Luffy from unintentionally using the Seraphim’s fatal flaw to his advantage in order to rescue his companions.

Vegapunk’s Seraphim Have The Same Personality Issue As The Warlords

Luffy pleading with S-Snake
Luffy pleading with S-Snake (Credits: Viz Media)

Similar to Boa Hancock, the Ruler of the Amazon Lily, S-Snake is accustomed to One Piece‘s masses being instantly enthralled by her Devil Fruit power, which enables her to terrify anyone who finds her adorable. Luffy can communicate with her directly because her skills don’t affect him, as demonstrated in chapter #1090, which turns Hancock and her Seraphim Clone into putty in Luffy’s hands.

S-Snake became extremely flustered and released his companions after referring to him as “Hancock” and begging her to do so. Unfortunately, Vegapunk has produced other Seraphim besides S-Snake, and if the Warlord’s ego keeps expanding, having too many of them will probably become a major issue.

The Seraphim made from Hawkeye, Jimbe, and Kuma are presently trapped on Egghead Island together with Hancock’s. But the clones of Gecko Moria, Crocodile, and the beloved antagonist Donquixote Doflamingo have also been discovered. The World Government would have a serious issue if the Seraphim’s developing personalities made them more difficult to manage than the Warlords.

This inherent weakness could be the World Government’s fatal flaw and could ultimately be the key to defeating Imu. If the Straw Hat pirates think strategically, they might be able to come up with a way to overpower the Seraphim.

And while the idea of a deranged and practically unstoppable small Doflamingo is an intriguing outcome for readers, the clones of Crocodile and Moria pose a serious danger to the Straw Pirates and the citizens of One Piece.

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