The latest chapter of One Piece features an unexpected cameo from one of the series’ most nostalgic characters, indicating that the series is finally reaching its end. Though Eiichiro Oda has claimed to end the series within a few more years on many occasions, fans have never taken his claims seriously as Oda has repeatedly failed to meet his promised deadlines.

However, the return of the series’ oldest yet most memorable canine character in the newest chapter of the Egghead Arc makes it seem like Oda might be able to meet his deadline this time around. Chapter #1114 of One Piece shows people around the world reacting to Dr. Vegapunk’s message, including the mayor of Orange Town and Chouchou, making a surprising yet pleasant appearance.

Chouchou in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

Little has been known or heard of the endearing dog since the East Blue Saga save for a cover story, making his appearance even more nostalgic.

What One Piece‘s Surprising Cameo Means For The Series

Chouchou in the pet store
Chouchou as seen in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

The fact that One Piece is finally coming full circle before its spectacular finish and the dramatic conclusion of Luffy’s adventure is demonstrated by the show’s reunion with some of its most enduring characters.

Chouchou’s appearance serves as a reminder of how far Luffy has come since setting out from battling terrifying clowns to rising to the position of mighty Emperor of the Sea, where he faces off against the might of the World Government and the Navy.

Throughout One Piece, Luffy has liberated other nations from despotic tyrants, but Orange Town was the first town he ever freed. It’s probably safe to say that Chouchou and his tale rank among the East Blue Saga’s most unforgettable elements and the precise moment when many fans fell in love with One Piece.

Orange Town’s Significance Will Be Revealed In The Final Saga

One Piece Chapter 1114
One Piece latest chapter shows Chouchou (Credits : VIZ Media)

Oda’s tendency to make connections between seemingly insignificant aspects suggests that the Orange Town Arc’s relevance to the larger plot may soon become apparent. Even though the story was mostly amusing, the Orange Town arc and Chouchou’s history addressed how highly arbitrary the definition of treasure can be, which may be important in figuring out what kind of treasure the One Piece is.

The cover story in Chapter #619 also reveals that the residents of Orange Town have constructed a statue of Chouchou holding a food box atop a fountain, probably in remembrance of the day Luffy exacted retribution on Mohji and Richie for demolishing Chouchou’s beloved store, which was his most treasured possession.

Ultimately, there are more characters in One Piece than anyone could possibly keep track of because to the enormous world-building, but somehow, Eiichiro Oda never ceases to astound fans with touching cameos like Chochou’s.

Even if One Piece hasn’t yet explored a lot of intriguing places and individuals, the next chapters of the Final Saga will undoubtedly provide viewers with all the closure they require before the show concludes.

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