One Piece has numerous arcs that have been adored by the fans for carrying them to magical and bizarre lands far beyond their imaginations. Somehow, the background of the arcs always seems to take on life and become a story on their own. However, not all arcs of One Piece hold the same capability, and there are some stories that are loved more than the rest.

Davy Back Fight in Long Ring Long Land Arc
Davy Back Fight in Long Ring Long Land Arc (Credits: Toei Animation)

To state an example, there seems to be a universal hatred towards the Long Ring Long Land Arc. This arc comes right after the exciting Skypiea Arc in the manga and the filler arc, G8, in the anime. This story features a notable lack of exciting battles and characters as the Straw Hats find themselves in a competition against Captain Foxy and the Foxy Pirates.

Long Ring Long Land Arc Is a Victim Of One Piece‘s Unnecessary Fillers

Foxy from One Piece
Foxy from One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

Fans generally dislike the Long Ring Long Land Arc because the action is prolonged beyond reasonable length and is reduced to comparatively simple competitions. However, another reason why fans find it annoying is because of what the anime did to the arc, which included making the three games into six and further delaying the action. Additionally, Luffy’s peculiar actions that ultimately undermine the entire point of the arc early in the Davy Back Fight add to the reasons why fans dislike it.

The term ‘filler’ itself is a divisive one among anime fans as a whole, given that animation studios use it to increase time so the manga can get ahead of the anime. One Piece, in particular, is a victim of this problem, often introducing entire original arcs that don’t ensue in the manga. Long Ring Long Land basically combined an arc from the manga with entirely new material, taking a lot of creative license with the original plot.

As mentioned previously, the original manga storyline only consisted of three rounds of the Davy Back Fights, but in the anime, there are six rounds. In addition, after Chopper is stolen by the Foxy Pirates in the first round, Luffy chooses to save a horse that Foxy had kidnapped before his reindeer crewmate. Given that Luffy is meant to be wholly devoted to his crew, this is a negative look for him. This arc in the manga is supposed to convey that fact alone; in the anime, it is lost.

The Long Ring Long Land Arc Foreshadows a Straw Hat Pirates And Red Hair Pirates Confrontation

Shanks and Luffy
Shanks giving his straw hat to Luffy (Credits: Toei Animation)

One popular theory (via Game Rant) suggests that the Davy Back Fight in the Long Ring Long Arc foreshadows a Straw Hat Pirates versus Red Hair Pirates encounter. Eiichiro Oda has tremendous skills for foreshadowing and this has been proved on many occasions. Since Luffy and Shanks’ relationship makes it highly unlikely for them to go at each other properly, the Davy Back Fight can be seen as a resolution as it would allow the contenders to fight without any ill intent.

According to the theory, the two captains are supposed to confront each other for the title of pirate king on the shores of the Laugh Tale because they will be each other’s last barrier to becoming the king of the pirates. This is an exciting notion because, should the competition happen, there might be some really intriguing pairings. For example, Usopp and his father Yasopp could compete in marksmanship.

Oda is a master of world-building which is full of complex details and long-term payoffs. So, there’s a chance that the universally-hated arc might be Oda’s most impressive feat of foreshadowing in One Piece. At any rate, given Oda’s recent heavy exposition and fast-paced storytelling, the question of the Long Ring Long Land Arc’s significance to the narrative will be resolved soon enough.

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