Chapter 1118 of One Piece was incredibly amazing for Jewelry Bonney since her Nika transformation allowed viewers to witness her at her strongest. Since it was revealed that Bonney possesses the capacity to see multiple futures and make them come true for herself or anyone else, many fans have been clamoring for more of this. It was an incredibly excellent addition to the tale.

Jewelry Bonney
Jewelry Bonney (Credits: Toei Animation)

As the Straw Hat Pirates got ready to flee from Egghead in One Piece chapter 1118, Jewelry Bonney decided to imitate Monkey D. Luffy and turn into a formidable obstacle in the Elders’ way. She was able to imagine a time when she would be free like no one else by using the power of her Devil Fruit, and she ultimately became Nika. There are now two Nikas on Egghead Island, and it will be fascinating to watch how Bonney uses this ability in the future.

What Message Does Eiichiro Oda Want To Convey Through Jewelry Bonney And Her Powers?

Jewelry Bonney could use Nika's powers before
Jewelry Bonney could use Nika’s powers before (Credits: Viz Media)

An X user, @GalaxyDanGan, posted a thread stating why Bonney’s fruit is not as brain-dead and unreasonably broken as one might think, and why it’s actually balanced and extremely well-written. All it took was a slight shift in perspective for Bonney to transform into Nika.

The post also states the reason why Bonney couldn’t transform before; it was because she didn’t fully understand Nika as a concept and her faith wasn’t fully rooted in herself. However, seeing Luffy in his Nika form helped Bonney regain her trust in Nika. While transforming, she did not say “Give me a Nika-ish future”, instead she said, “Give me a future where I’m the most free.”

Moreover, Bonney can only transform into the future of something she completely understands and believes in wholeheartedly. For example, she can’t just say “Give me an Imu-ish future” and immediately start commanding the Gorosei because she does not know or understand anything about Imu yet.

Bonney’s ability is not as broken as people are making it seem, it is balanced by her belief and understanding, which play into her perception. Unless she completely understands something and believes in it completely, she can only tap into the rough, primitive idea of that thing.

She could perfectly replicate Nika because after hearing countless stories about him from her father, she relied on her faith in him to get through hardship after hardship throughout her life, and finally after Luffy confirmed her faith and taught her to shape her mindset, she was able to shift into that future because understands and believes Nika at a deep, fundamental level.

The message that Eiichiro Oda wants to send through Bonney’s powers is the power of belief in oneself and the faith one puts in the people around them. One Piece has always been about teams and the friends that stand by your side while simultaneously not being about the overused trope “Power of Friendship” at the same time.

Jewelry Bonney’s Biggest Weakness Is Her Faith In The Future She Envisions

Bonney's Devil Fruit powers allow her to step into possible futures
Bonney’s Devil Fruit powers allow her to step into possible futures (Credits: Viz Media)

The fact that Bonney must have faith in the future for it to materialize is one of the main drawbacks of having a power like Distorted Future. For example, Bonney cannot in any manner or form make a future that is thought impossible a reality. For her to access that power, there must be a chance that whatever it is she imagines will come to pass.

Bonney, for example, is aware of the existence of the Buccaneer people because her father is one. She can therefore change into a Buccaneer. In a similar vein, Bonney has the ability to change into a Giant since she has personally witnessed Giant. This implies that she is capable of wreaking complete havoc by changing into a Giant.

Because of her waning faith in God, Bonney was unable to use her Nika powers in the early chapters of Egghead. Saturn attempted to minimize Nika to the status of a mere legend, which deeply unsettled her. That was what stopped her from turning into Nika. But after witnessing Luffy’s transformation into Nika firsthand, Bonney found it easy to assume this form for herself.

Because of this, one of the main drawbacks of this skill is that Bonney’s vision of the future and the path she chooses will depend on her perception of its reality. Other than that, Bonney is free to choose her path and destroy her opponents.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app.

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