Dragon Ball Super played a significant role in the past few years in bringing anime to the worldwide mainstream media. A prominent number of the population have broadened their horizons when it comes to watching anime. At this point, Dragon Ball Super is only one of many fan-favorite anime shows that has helped the anime culture expand. Other examples of anime shows that achieved a global audience are Naruto, My Hero Academia, Death Note, Attack on Titan and One-Punch Man to name a few.

One-Punch Man

One Punch Man
Yusuke Murata illustrated the manga adaptation of One-Punch Man that inspired the series

The beloved anime series revolves around the adventures of Saitama, along with stories from his world of fearsome monsters and professional heroes. The series sparked a huge fanbase, and had an extremely successful second season run in 2019. Now, the drastically different worlds of Dragon Ball Super and One-Punch Man are coming together.

Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man Joins Forces

Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man Joins Forces
Murata is famed for his work on One-Punch Man and Eyeshield 21

YusukeMurata, the artist behind One-Punch Man released an artwork that depicted a combination of both series. A DeviantART user by the name of Allan Wade managed to give Murata’s artwork a striking splash of color. It’s evident from the artwork that Murata manages to transport the Dragon Ball characters to a whole new world of comics.

Murata’s History with Dragon Ball Art

Murata’s History with Dragon Ball Art
Dragon Ball Super is available for streaming on Funimation and Amazon Video

Those familiar with Murata know this is not the first time the artist engaged in Dragon Ball Super inspired work. The last few years of Murata’s work has witnessed an abundance of Dragon Ball art. The artist also indulged in the same prior to his mangaka fame as well. However, the added colors by Allan Wade did an impressive job at enhancing the artwork.

Dragon Ball Super 2020 News

Source: Comicbook, Spark Chronicles

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