Lou Ferrigno is a very well-known name in comic book circles. He is credited for playing the Hulk in the 1970’s alongside Bill Bixby’s Bruce Banner. Thanks to CGI and advanced special effects, Mark Ruffalo can play both sides of the coin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you ask Lou Ferrigno, today’s actors have it easy. He says he is not a fan of today’s superhero movies since everything’s so damn easy now. Unlike the days in which he thrived as the Jade giant, people working in superhero movies have stopped working hard to fit into the character.

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In a recent tweet, Lou Ferrigno was fairly vocal about how he struggled and toiled to play the Hulk. He had to remain in shape, stick to a strict diet and be extremely disciplined at all times. he says and we quote:

“Can’t think of another superhero that isn’t in costume or CGI. Worked damn hard on my diet and exercise for the Hulk. Wasn’t going to let anyone down. The hulk was my hero as a kid as well ??,” Lou Ferrigno wrote. “Thanks @MensHealthMag for this piece on me, my career + tips about what I eat. When you think about it I was the only superhero character to not wear a costume so keeping up my physique was very important to me.”

Lou Ferrigno Is Not Happy With Disney’s Hulk


Ferrigno was probably talking about the motion capture suits since he too was painted green and wore a costume while playing the Hulk. But many fans were quick to point out that actors like Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Chris Hemsworth toiled in the gym just like he once did to play their Marvel counterparts. That’s not to say Mark Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk is bad. It’s just one man’s perspective on the superhero genre.

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“What’s happening is that the first two Hulk movies, the CGI was improving, but the last one, Endgame, I was disappointed. Because the Hulk needs to be hideous, he needs to be a creature,” Ferrigno had earlier stated at Canada’s Hamilton Comic-Con. “You see in Endgame, Mark Ruffalo — I think it has a lot to do with him and Disney — I didn’t like the way it portrayed [Hulk]. It took away that beauty, that quality of the Hulk. That’s why a lot of people liked the series.”


Mark Ruffalo will be seen playing the Hulk again in the upcoming She-Hulk series. Do you agree with Lou Ferrigno’s comments that Disney fumbled with the Hulk in the MCU?

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