Carrie Fisher’s Leia is definitely one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars franchise. She has appeared in a lot of Star Wars movies and is scheduled to appear in Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker as well. But new piece of evidence has revealed that there was more planned for her character. Something which would elevate her to legendary status within the Star Wars franchise.

Carrie Fisher’s Leia Was Going To Be The Last Jedi

Leia will get her due in Rise of Skywalker. Pic courtesy:
Leia will get her due in Rise of Skywalker. Pic courtesy:

Carrie Fisher completed the filming of Star Wars: The Last Jedi before her passing. This allowed the movie to keep the role of Leia as it was originally thought and written to be. Now the actress’ brother, Todd Fisher has claimed that Leia was going to embrace her Jedi abilities in the next movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. She was going to become the “Last Jedi” of the Skywalker Saga. Here’s what Todd Fisher said to Yahoo Entertainment:

“She was going to be the big payoff in the final film. She was going to be the last Jedi, so to speak. That’s cool right? People used to say to me, ‘Why is it that Carrie never gets a light saber and chops up some bad guys?’ Obi-Wan was in his prime when he was Carrie’s age!”

These comments give more weight to Mark Hamills’ words. Hamill will be returning in Rise of Skywalker. He said in 2017 that Carrie’s Leia was going to play an important role in Rise of Skywalker. He said:

“I know they’re going to try and find a way to close her story in [The Rise of Skywalker] that gives her the respect she deserves, because [Han Solo] was more prominent in [The Force Awakens], Luke’s a little more prominent in [The Last Jedi], and certainly Leia was meant to be more prominent in [The Rise of Skywalker].”

Carrie Fisher’s Scenes In Rise Of Skywalker Are Repurposed

Here's how carrie Fisher's Last Jedi footage will be altered for Rise of Skywalker. Pic courtesy:
Here’s how carrie Fisher’s Last Jedi footage will be altered for Rise of Skywalker. Pic courtesy:

Todd Fisher also went on to say that Abrams repurposed unseen footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi to get scenes for Rise of Skywalker. Fisher said that he supported this because of the sense of respect and love which Abrams had for Carrie. He said:

“The truth is that J.J. Abrams was great friends with Carrie… he had an extraordinary sense of love for her. They had eight minutes of footage. They grabbed every frame and analyzed it… and then reverse-engineered it and [got] it into the story the right way. It’s kind of magical. This is, in its own way, a payoff. … It’s Carrie talking to us all from beyond. The beautiful thing about the concept of the Force is that there is no real death; you just exist in another dimension. So Carrie is looking down or sideways or wherever and is still part of us. To be able to see that — it’s magical stuff only in the movies.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is already breaking ticket sales. It will be in theaters on December 20th.

Here’s what J.J Abrams had to say about all this:

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