Celebrities’ experiences in Hollywood differ with situations, they can experience excitement, thrill, joy, and even some sort of fear while filming a movie. Late actor Paul Walker once had an unusual feeling while filming for The Fast and The Furious.

Actor Paul Walker
Paul Walker

During the filming of The Fast and The Furious movie, Paul Walker was in a tough place as the actor was not willing to do an intimate scene with Mark Wahlberg’s ex-girlfriend Jordana Brewster as he thought that the Patriots Day actor would doubt him making out with his co-star.

Paul Walker’s Unusual Concerns on the Fast and Furious Set

Paul Walker with Jordana Brewster
Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster

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Late actor Paul Walker didn’t wish to film an intimate scene with his then co-star Jordana Brewster for the movie The Fast and The Furious, as he knew that Mark Wahlberg would be on the set and it would turn out to be awkward if they do an intimate scene in front of Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg and Brewster were in a low-key relationship during the 2000s. Paul Walker was afraid that Mark Wahlberg would suspect him of making out with Jordana Brewster as the actress was in love with Mark Wahlberg. Jordana Brewster once told Hollywood.Com that:

“We just know where to go, especially in L.A. If you want to get attention, you know where to go. And if you don’t, you go to more subdued places”.

The pair could not go on for a long relationship as it marked the end within two years. Mark Wahlberg and Jordana Brewster never went too far with their relationship in front of the fans as they always wanted to keep it lowkey. Brewster is not just a successful actress in the film industry but also a famous television star. She is also well known for the TV show Dallas.

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Meadow Walker Pays Tribute to Her Father Late Paul Walker

Paul Walker's daughter
Meadow Walker

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Paul Walker tragically died in a car accident in November 2013  as a passenger in a speeding Porsche Carrera GT car. It was a shock for the entire Hollywood Industry as Walker was a celebrated actor known for playing challenging roles in movies. After a decade of Paul Walker’s death, his daughter Meadow Walker paid tribute to Walker on his 50th birthday. Tuesday, September 12, would have been Paul Walker’s 50th birthday and his daughter posted a beautiful tribute for her dad on Instagram.

The model and actress, 24, shared a throwback photo of herself and her dad while writing about how much she misses her father. “Happy birthday to my guardian angel”. Meadow Walker wrote with a white heart emoji expressing intense love for her demised father. The actress is the only daughter of Paul Walker and in her Instagram post, she wrote a message about how thankful she is to Paul Walker for being her dad and supporting her in every step. Paul Walker’s Fast and Furious co-stars have kept close to Meadow Walker in the years since her dad’s death, and Vin Diesel even walked her down the aisle when she married Louis Thornton Allan.

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