Peacemaker’s director, James Gunn, disclosed that Annie Chang was auditioned for different roles before she bagged a position in the show. This Peacemaker star is well known for her role in the crime drama ‘Shades of Blue’ featuring Jennifer Lopez. She made her entry into the DCEU through ‘Peacemaker'(The Suicide Squad spinoff series). In the show she plays a detective called Sophie Song, adamantly scrutinizing John Cena‘s character after his father, Auggie gets a clean chit for the death he was accountable for.

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Although in Episode 6 of Peacemaker, Chang can be seen hustling under the domination of an alien ‘butterfly’. This butterfly earlier dwelled in the body of US Senator Royland Goff. Everyone is well aware of Gunn’s way of getting along with his fans through his social media handles. In the recent watch party for Peacemaker hosted by Gunn over Twitter, he disclosed how Chang auditioned both for the role of Alien Goff and Sophie Song, and the fact that she nailed both the roles. He tweeted, “When @Itsanniechang auditioned she had to audition as TWO characters – Sophie & Goff. Some actors were great at one or the other but only Annie was great at both. #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty.”

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James Gunn’s tweet

Chang will supposedly be playing a prominent role in Episodes 7 and 8, given that she is the head of the alien invasion. The rest of the season highly depends on her potential to play the character of Goff. Given the extent of the butterflies’ invasion on Earth, and that they currently seem to have taken control over a whole police division, Cena’s Peacemaker will absolutely have a difficult, but not impossible task ahead as he moves in the direction to get rid of them completely. DC fans are certainly looking forward to more as Peacemaker is heading towards the top-secret and long-awaited season finale on HBO Max as Chang’s Goff appears to be on a collision course with unfortunate vigilance.


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