There are days when we often ask ourselves if there is something Tom Cruise cannot do. Even at the age of 61, he is open to doing his stunts and fight scenes by himself, from running at top speed to beating villains in hand-to-hand combat. 

Hailed as one of the most charming and influential actors of our time, Cruise has a dedicated fan following that is eager to watch him in all genres and roles, including comedy, drama, and action. More than that, his co-stars, both first-time and long-standing, only have good things to say about the Jerry Maguire actor. 

Tom Cruise’s Incredible Performance at Victoria Beckham’s Birthday Party

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The lines between the world of acting and sports often blur as both fields have very niche stardom and fan following. Moreover, athletes often dabble in acting and try to make a career in the movie business. So, it’s only natural for the two worlds to converge every now and then, exhibit A being Tom Cruise’s two-decades-long friendship with David Beckham. 

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher

Last week at Victoria Beckham’s birthday bash in London, Cruise, along with a hundred other guests, celebrated the occasion. Other famous faces, including Gordon Ramsay, Guy Ritchie, and Eva Longoria, were also in attendance. However, being the suave showman that he is, Cruise succeeded in stealing the spotlight with his smashing dance moves, and that too breakdancing. Watching Cruise bust out such dance movies, the source claimed to Daily Mail,

“People were absolutely dumbfounded.” 

Although no cameras were allowed at the venue, a source later expressed how everyone loved Cruise’s polished moves that ended with him in a split. The black-tie event became more fun and upbeat as more celebrities joined the Beckham couple on the dance floor. Even the Spice Girls were in attendance as they performed their song Stop for the party.

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Why Did Brooklyn’s Wife Nicola Peltz Not At Victoria Beckham’s Party?

Tom Cruise with David and Victoria Beckham. (via Instagram)
Tom Cruise with David and Victoria Beckham. (via Instagram)

Being the beloved daughter-in-law, fans expected Nicola Peltz to attend Victoria Beckham’s party. However, sources have claimed that she was not in attendance, and neither is she seen in any of the pictures shared by the Beckham couple on Instagram. They have had a rocky relationship since the young couple got married.  

The answer came in Peltz’s Instagram stories as she wished her mother-in-law a very happy birthday and claimed that she could not attend the party as she was spending time with her Naunni (grandmother). While we would have loved the hidden footage of Cruise’s breakdance at the party, we will settle for the beautiful pictures shared by David and Victoria Beckham. 

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