Love is in the air. And looks like Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders’ dating speculations have persisted. Davidson and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders flaunted their love at the after-party of the premiere of their new series, Bupkis in New York City. Witnesses at the gathering saw the couple hugging and getting intimate, confirming their relationship status. In a photograph, Davidson is seen with his arm around Wonders as she leans in, a cheeky smile on her face. The couple appeared to be content and at ease together, evidently enjoying each other’s company.

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders
Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders

Fans will be curious to see how Davidson and Wonders’ on-screen chemistry transfers to the big screen as the comedy series Bupkis premiers. Will their on-stage romance give their performances more oomph? Time will only tell.

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Pete Davidson’s ‘insane chemistry’ With Chase Sui Wonders

The couple, who co-star in the upcoming comedy series Bupkis, made a big display of love during the show’s after-premiere celebration in New York City. Strangely, the couple decided not to walk the red carpet together, sparking rumors among observers. Sources did, however, reveal that Wonders and Davidson spent valuable time together inside the premiere despite their separate entries.

Less than a month after Davidson’s breakup with Emily Ratajkowski, rumors of a romance between the two started to circulate. Davidson, 29, and Wonders, 26, had previously been seen engaging in PDA while at Universal Studios Hollywood. The couple cuddled up to one another and even exchanged a kiss while riding an escalator in a TMZ video that was released in January. Later on in the day, the couple didn’t hold back when it came to displaying their love, holding hands as they rode Revenge of the Mummy and strolled through the park.

On the set of their film Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders apparently had extraordinary chemistry even when they weren’t filming.

Pete Davidson's With Chase Sui Wonders
Pete Davidson’s With Chase Sui Wonders

Even though they weren’t dating at the time, an insider revealed to Us Weekly that the comedian and the Out of the Blue actress on the black comedy horror movie already had a particular relationship.

Pete and Chase had insane chemistry on set,” the Insider shared with the outlet. “As well as when the cameras weren’t rolling.

The Insider continued by saying that even though the couple insists that “they’re friends,” the general consensus is that they are “too close for that.”

Davidson hangs out “all the time” with Wonders, the source said, adding that the alleged lovebirds are having “overnight dates, cook together and go out together.”

The former cast member of Saturday Night Live is “absolutely in some kind of relationship, but aren’t open about it yet.”

According to sources, Davison and Wonders were first associated when the comedian was still dating Emily Ratajkowski.

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From Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande: Pete Davidson’s Dating History

Off-screen, the Saturday Night Live alum is known for dating some of the greatest personalities in music and entertainment. From a  nine-month relationship with Kim Kardashian to a PDA-filled engagement and matching tattoos with Arianna Grande, he demonstrates that even if a relationship doesn’t work out, he will always keep trying to find love.

Pete Davidson with Kim Kardashian
Pete Davidson with Kim Kardashian

In November 2022, Davidson and model Emily Ratajkowski were rumored to be dating. However, by December 2022, a source close to Ratajkowski confirmed that the two had broken up after over two months of dating. He was then observed making a move on Chase Sui Wonders shortly after.

Davidson discussed his love life in detail on the Real Ones podcast in March 2023. When SNL began making jokes about his love life, he admitted that he felt like a “f—ing loser” and felt humiliated.

I’m in my 20’s and I’ve dated people. And for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people. I don’t think it’s interesting,” Davidson said, adding that it was a “really s—ty feeling” when fans started paying more attention to who he was dating than what was going on in his career.

Pete Davidson with Arianna Grande
Pete Davidson with Arianna Grande

The world saw the beginning of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship on video. The duo shared a kiss on October 10, 2021, during a Saturday Night Live skit in which they played the roles of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Despite appearing to be in a happy relationship, the couple announced their separation on August 2022. They had been dating for nine months.

Previously, in May 2018, Davidson was pictured with music diva Ariana Grande, which sparked a social media frenzy. He proposed to Grande a few weeks after they started dating, and she enthusiastically accepted. Before splitting up in October 2018, the couple adopted a pig together and got matching tattoos that included bunny ears, clouds, their initials, and more.

Anyway, guessing that for now Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders having a good time, yeah!

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