Pete Davidson’s feelings for Emily Ratajkowski may not be as serious as everyone thinks. It was not Ratajkowski, but his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders who sat next to him at a New York Rangers game on Thursday night. The sources confirmed that it was undoubtedly not the Gone Girl actress. We have no idea if this was his date with Chase SUI Wonders since the two were also tagged along by their castmate Rachel Sennott. There was no indication that the pair was anything other than two friends hanging out.  Though, TMZ claims that they “appeared to be having a good time with each other.” 

Also, the comedian recently attended the New York Knicks game with his current GF, Emily Ratajkowski. We can also conclude that Davidson likes to plan his dates at sporting events.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

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Comedian spends Quality Time With Co-star Chase Sui Wonders

The former SNL star Pete Davidson was seen shopping at a Brooklyn Whole Foods on a Saturday afternoon. He was clearly attempting to blend in, as was the woman standing next to him. They both had their hoods completely pulled over their heads as they smiled at the cashier. She was reported to be Chase Sui Wonders, his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-star. Late on Monday night, the two were seen leaving the Saturday Night Live alum’s posh NYC apartment amid rumors that they were dating. As the comedian showed her something on his phone, Davidson, 29, and Wonders, 26, were seen laughing and chatting outside of his apartment building.

Pete Davidson at Award show
Pete Davidson at Award show

It seemed that the co-stars wanted to remain anonymous. Davidson appeared to adopt a minimal posture while donning a pair of gray hooded sweats and a hood. Chase wore a printed jacket, booties, a blue baseball cap, and black flared pants.

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Is Pete Davidson cheating on Emily Ratajkowski?

According to recent sightings of Pete Davidson with Chase Sui Wonders, his relationship with Emily Ratajkowski appears to be on the rocks. During their most recent shopping trip to Whole Foods in Brooklyn, New York City, on December 18, the actor and his “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” co-star were spotted interacting.

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui
Pete Davidson and Chase Sui

The New York Rangers hockey game was their most recent outing, which they were recently seen attending. According to several reports, the couple was obviously chatting and beaming as they sat next to one another, and their photos have been going viral online. Earlier, DJ Orazio Rispo, with whom  Emily Ratajkowski has been romantically linked since October, was spotted leaving for a date. However, sources close to Davidson denied any dating rumors and told TMZ that he and Wonders are simply “great friends,” putting an end to the rumors.

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