Pete Davidson was in the news recently after his sudden breakup with Kim Kardashian. The American socialite and Davidson were dating for 9 months and called it quits last month. After the breakup, there was no official comment from either of them. But, it was speculated that the couple broke up because of their packed schedules. According to an insider, it was recently reported that Davidson is now in a better place after the breakup.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

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Pete Davidson is In a Better Place After his Break-Up

According to the sources, the comedian Pete Davidson has been feeling better lately. The source revealed that although he was devastated by his breakup initially, “he has had some time now and is in a much better place with it.” The source further added that they don’t even talk to each other anymore and are having a “clean break.”

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson is moving on

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Kim Kardashian and Davidson were never going to last. Both the stars live very different lives and it’s almost like “They are from two different worlds.” According to the insider, Davidson has realized “they were clearly not meant to be.

The SNL Alum plans to Focus on His Career for a While

During this period of hardships and heartbreaks, the comedian has turned to his family for support. The source said, he “has relied heavily on his mom and sister for support.” The source further added that they know him the best and know just the right things that he needs to hear at this hour. “He’s been feeling much better about the whole thing lately,” the insider continued.

Pete Davidson with his mother and sister
Davidson has turned to his mother and sister for support

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While talking about his future plans, it was revealed that there haven’t been any clear indications of Davidson looking forward to dating someone new. Instead, “right now that’s taking a back seat and his career is at the forefront of his mind.”

It seems like the Wizards! actor is finally moving on from the ugly break-up and healing. Although he and Kim K are not on talking terms anymore, it was reported that Pete Davidson still has the utmost respect for his ex-girlfriend.

Source: Geo TV

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