In the always-changing world of animated film, strange trips frequently end in fascinating locations. With a project that split opinion, animation superpower Pixar found itself in the middle of controversy and commercial success. This animated movie attempted to challenge dominant cultural narratives, earning it the reputation of being one of the studio’s most hated and woke productions.

Pixar Elemental Movie
Elemental Movie

But despite all odds, it has proven to be an unstoppable force at the box office, earning a spot among the highest earners of 2023. The film’s rise from a controversial beginning to a stunning triumph displays a complicated interaction between creative vision and audience response in a story that defies expectations.

Pixar’s Bold ‘Woke’ Film Rises as 2023’s 10th Top Grosser

Pixar's Elemental

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Despite early criticism over its socially aware themes, the Disney Pixar movie Elemental has turned out to be an unexpected success. Despite being accused of exploring “woke” topics by a loud minority, the film has succeeded. It has not only avoided being called a dud, but it has also earned a stunning spot as the tenth-highest-earning film of the year. This accomplishment demonstrates the movie’s capacity to connect with viewers and go over any controversy it may have generated.

Talks on racism and xenophobia are reportedly included in Elemental, which also features a non-binary character who utilizes they/them pronouns. The movie’s official synopsis provides elemental features Ember played by Leah Lewis, a fierce, quick-witted, and fiery young lady whose friendship with a fun, sentimental, go-with-the-flow boy named Wade played by Mamoudou Athie questions her ideas about the world they live in. Elemental is set in Element City, where citizens of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air coexist.

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Fans Used #Gowokegobroke Amid Controversy Over Pixar’s Elemental

Pixar’s Elemental Movie

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In the middle of the heated debate around Pixar’s most recent work, Elemental, fans have turned to a brief yet effective way of expressing their worries. These fervent fans are emphasizing their concerns about the film’s alleged concentration on progressive themes by using #Gowokegobroke. The phrase captures the idea that the movie’s treatment of certain social concerns may have unfavorable effects, mirroring more general arguments about how to strike a balance between creative expression and audience preferences. Here’s an X post against the movie:

Some critics have even declared Pixar’s doom amid ongoing arguments regarding the company’s destiny, citing its most recent release, Elemental, as proof of more serious issues. This feeling stems from the idea that the progressive principles present in the movie such as “Woke,” “ESG,” “CEI,” and “DEI” have obscured the importance of compelling storytelling. In this perspective, the fundamental principles of family-friendly entertainment seem to have changed, which raises concerns about whether Disney’s dedication to family-friendliness is still strong. Despite all this animosity, the film managed to secure a spot among the year’s highest-grossing films.

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Elemental will be streaming on Disney+ from September 2023.

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