Although we haven’t got any sort of official statement about anything related to The Playstation 5, the speculation is literally killing people.

A new report an institute called ‘Ace Economic Research Institute (AREI)’ in Osaka, Japan hints that Playstation 5 might be introduced in the market sooner than expected, with a speculated release window of late 2019.

Hideki yasuda, who is the lead analyst of the research team for AERI, notest that the release date of the PS5 really comes down to the availability of the part that are required for the manufacturing process. The supply and demand for a part called monolithic ceramic capacitors (or MLCCs) might have a direct effect on when sony decides to launch it’s next gen console, this fact have be noted by both Both Murata Manufacturing and TDK.

MLCC is being utilised in a lot of high-tech devices for maximum efficiency, and sony will easily follow the suit with PS5. But the company needs to make sure that there are enough parts in the stock before they announce a release date for the console. This could explain why Sony is so quite about the PS5, as they want everything to be completely ready before they tease anything about the upcoming console.

While there are some other speculations that point to 2020-2021 release date, which actually makes sense as it give Sony a lot more time to prepare for the grand release of it’s nex gen console. We’ll might get to see what Sony has in planned for the year ahead in the upcoming PlayStation Experience event, which is likely to happen in December, followed by E3 2019, next year.

What features do you expect to see in Playstation 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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