The prize, as well as success searching, isn’t as famous as it made use of to be. There are still quite a few PS4 gamers that care about trophies. If you’re one of these gamers, you’ll understand PlayStation allows programmers to assign awards as “hidden.” It enables to conceal the content of the prize and its name if there are looters entailed. 


Hidden Feature In Playstation

Hidden Feature In Playstation

Not every gamer makes the most of this function, and so, you need to push “Square” to see any type of story-related prizes. Extra particularly, you need to press “X” on the award, and afterwards press “Square.” But you get the point; it’s a quite straightforward attribute, one that is both practical as well as inconvenient at the same time. That claimed there’s plenty of PlayStation 4 owners that had no hint the attribute existed.


2016 Playstation Upgrade Debate

As you will undoubtedly know, this function was included back in 2016, and many have been enjoying it since. On the other hand, for others, the 2016 upgrade was an irritating one. It was because suddenly trophies were “concealed” and also they could not figure out how to view them.


Difficulty dealing with trophies

I haven’t been into prize hunting for a couple of years now. I can not imagine precisely how tedious it was going to an exterior website to see a trophy checklist. Especially since you did not recognize you could check out hidden trophies. That seems like a complicated process. Additionally, it likewise highlights something PlayStation hasn’t been good at this generation. That is: highlighting some of the more beautiful features the PS4 has.


Refer to this video for better insight: 


Source: Comicbook, PlaystationLifestyle

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