Supervillains have a reputation for being cold and cruel, yet no matter how bad they are, many of them have fallen in love. Many antagonists’ hearts have found themselves wanting for a hero, either uselessly pining for them or inventing intricate love stories. Many of them have reformed (or largely reformed) to be with their heroic love, while others are still caught in a never-ending game of “will they/won’t they?”

In the comics, several villains have fallen head over heels for heroes. The outcomes of their interactions vary, and some have had long-term consequences for the characters (or are still going in some form).

Catwoman & Batman

Batman and Catwoman Supervillains

Catwoman has been an iconic role in Batman’s love life since her debut in 1940. While Selina has grown more ethically grey as a result of dipping her whiskers into the hero area, she is still regarded as one of Batman’s greatest supervillains and lovers. On Earth-2, the two enjoyed a rather happy marriage that resulted in the birth of a daughter called Helena.

Despite sharing a series, their present relationship is strained due to Catwoman’s treachery, but they’ve been an on-again, off-again couple for 80 years and will most likely continue to be so for the next century.

Maxim & Superman

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While Maxima’s feelings for Superman are more akin to infatuation than love, the princess remains steadfast in her desire to be with Superman. She feels the two are the ideal genetic match and hopes to have the perfect children with him.

Maxima has progressed from villain to Justice Leaguer, yet her love for Superman has remained consistent, as has her moral alignment. There was a romance that unfortunately did not work out.

Killer Frost & Firestorm


In the comics, Killer Frost is usually an opponent of Firestorm, and her alias is Louise Lincoln. However, Lincoln was not the first to use the term, Killer Frost. Crystal Frost was the first Killer Frost.

Frost fell in love with her old Professor Martin Stein, who had founded F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. Stein did not reciprocate Frost’s affections, which precipitated the events that transformed her into Killer Frost. Killer Frost committed her villainy to bring down Firestorm with her new ice powers.

Thorn & Green Lantern

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Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern before Flashpoint, would fall for a handful of villainesses throughout the years. Green Lantern and Thorn had the saddest love tale. This supervillain had a dual personality, with her good side, Rose Canton, winning control at one time. She began a romance with Green Lantern, which resulted in marriage and twins.

However, Thorn reappeared, causing Rose to place her children for adoption and leave Alan to preserve their lives.

Defacer & Nightwing

Love Affair
Defacer & Nightwing

During his Robin days, Dick Grayson brought down the “Art Terrorist” known as Pigeon and his sidekick Shawn Tsang, alias Defacer. Tsang is later seen rehabilitated during Nightwing’s vigilantism in Blüdhaven and employs Grayson as a volunteer at the Community Center.

She does, however, continue to wear the Defacer outfit as the head of the Run-Offs, a group of former supervillains who fled Gotham due to Batman to establish new lives in Blüdhaven and try to redeem themselves. Their relationship was brief, yet some belief it to be one of the greatest throughout the DC Rebirth Era.

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