The wait is over, as season 5 of The Crown will be on Netflix on November 9, 2022. This season was long awaited as it will take an in-depth look at the breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage and the events that followed. It has since been reported by the Daily Telegraph that Prince William has made his opinion on the drama clear and sources claim that he feels the streaming service is cashing in on Princess Diana’s “deceitful” interview with Martin Bashir and the BBC.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William

In the interview, Bashir asked the most uncomfortable and offensive questions he could think of to Princess Diana. Netflix wishes to expand this interview in detail, a nightmare for Prince William and Prince Harry. The members of the Royal Family, especially King Charles, was never happy about the show freely depicting the life of the Royal family.

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Prince William not happy with Netflix for using Diana’s death ‘for financial gain’

Reportedly, Prince William is feeling enraged and saddened by Netflix’s decision to use his mother, Princess Diana’s death, in the latest season of The Crown and feels that the streaming service is “cashing in” on the events. Season 5 is set to depict the “deceitful” manner that the interview between Princess Diana and Martin Bashir was obtained and its aftermath. In the past, he has made his thoughts clear on the interview and feels it “should never be aired again.”

Queen Elizabeth with Prince William
Queen Elizabeth with Prince William

According to the Daily Telegraph, Prince William is unhappy with the streaming service’s financial strategies using Princess Diana’s interview. They added that, given the strong personal statement the Prince of Wales had made, it’s easy to see that he is very angry and feels The Crown is using the Bashir interview and the “dramatisation of it for financial gain”. The Netflix show will reportedly depict ‘parts’ of the infamous 1995 Panorama program.

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The infamous deceitful interview of Princess Diana by Martin Bashir

During that era, getting an interview with Princess Diana was one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish for any media organization. Journalist Martin Bashir notoriously used deception to secure an interview with Princess Diana and then lied to BBC managers. Bashir’s interview, broadcast by Panorama in late 1995, was a huge scoop for the BBC. Never before had a serving royal spoken in such candid terms about life in the Royal Family.

Princess Diana in the show, The Crown
Princess Diana in the show, The Crown

In the 1995 special, Diana spoke candidly about her husband’s long-term affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, explaining that she ultimately split from her then-husband, Prince Charles, because “there was three of us in the marriage.” She also discussed the pressures of being inside the Royal Family and her subsequent mental health struggles, including her history of self-harm and bulimia, in the one-hour-long interview. More than 20 million people watched the interview and it caused huge controversy, with Queen Elizabeth II soon stepping in and telling the pair to divorce.

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The latest season of the Netflix series The Crown will depict the last years of Princess Diana

Almost two years since the fourth season of The Crown aired, and fans are more than ready for the next season. Imelda Staunton has stepped in to take on the role of Queen Elizabeth II, taking the reigns from Olivia Coleman. Elizabeth Debicki is playing Princess Diana while Dominic West will be Prince Charles. The Crown season five is set to drop during the first week of November and will cover the events related to the Royal Family from 1992 to 1997.

The latest season will take a closer look at the ultimate demise of then Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage and the events that followed. The makers of the superhit Netflix series have released the first-look posters from the upcoming season. The Crown Season 5 will feature a brand new cast that will narrate the fictional story of the British monarchy.

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