Princess Anne is the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier this month, the princess visited New York where she attended an English Speaking Union at the Cosmopolitan club.  The princess is currently on a tour of Uganda with her husband Sir Tim Lawrence. This is the first royal tour that they are on since the passing of the queen in September. The royal couple paid a visit to the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement recently in Uganda.

Princess Anne and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne

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Princess Anne was recently seen wearing Queen Elizabeth’s sapphire and pearl brooch to dinner as a tribute to her late mother.

Princess Anne wore the Late Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry in Uganda

Sir Tim Lawrence and the princess arrived in Uganda on Tuesday and wrapped up their 4-day tour on Friday. On the first day, the royals hosted a dinner for the President of the Republic of Uganda and his daughter at the state residence. Yoweri K Museveni, the president of Uganda uploaded pictures of the meeting on his Twitter to appreciate the Royals.

Princess Anne, Sir Tim Lawrence, The president of Uganda and his daughter
Princess on a tour of Uganda

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The thing that grabbed everyone’s attention from this tweet was the princess’ brooch. People were quick to notice that this sapphire and pearl brooch used to belong to Queen Elizabeth II. This piece of jewelry was probably passed down to the princess by the queen herself. According to sources, Princess Anne wore this brooch as a sign of tribute to the late queen.

The iconic sapphire and pearl brooch has its ties back to Russia

In 1866, the Prince and Princess of Wales gifted this piece of unique jewelry as a wedding gift to Empress Maria Feodorovna. The Empress, in turn, had a belief that the public should always see their royals wearing their finest jewelry. So, this brooch became a part of everyday attire for the empress. In 1928, the Empress died and her daughters decided to auction off the brooch for a good price. The then-queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Marry bought the brooch for 2,375 euros from the daughters. This piece of jewelry was later inherited by Queen Elizabeth II when she was coronated in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and her iconic sapphire brooch

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The princess was in Balmoral at the queen’s side when she suddenly fell ill and was allegedly right by her side in her final moments.

Source: Woman and Home

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