Sony won’t be dropping any major exclusive games for PlayStation 5 from their existing series this year or even up to the next. 2024’s PlayStation lineup might not be overflowing with big AAA titles, but there’s one game that’s stealing the spotlight: Stellar Blade. What’s making it stand out? It’s not just the game’s intriguing RPG gameplay or its gripping story.

A still from Stellar Blade
A still from Stellar Blade

The buzz is all about their marketing – the fusion of K-Pop with the gaming. This unique combo has gamers and K-Pop fans alike super excited and talking about Stellar Blade non-stop.

BIBI and PlayStation Collaborate for Stellar Blade Promotion

BIBI in a still from Sugar Rush
BIBI in a still from Sugar Rush

With AAA titles in short supply for PlayStation this year (as reported by Polygon), Stellar Blade, an upcoming action RPG, is standing out. The video game’s developer, Shift Up Corporation, isn’t just relying on the game’s awesomeness to get attention – they’re getting creative with their marketing.

They’ve teamed up with popular South Korean singer Kim Hyung-seo, better known as BIBI, to spice things up. The Weekend singer is a rising superstar in the K-pop industry, with a dedicated fanbase who appreciate her unique style and music. The 25-year-old artist will release a music video inspired by the game, featuring her cosplaying as the main character, Eve.

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PlayStation likely chipped in some cash to help with the game’s promotion to help out with the advertising costs. So, with PlayStation’s support, Stellar Blade can get more attention and reach more people. It’s a way to make sure more gamers hear about the game and get excited to play it!

The full music video is set to drop today, April 18. Here’s the timing for different time zones: Pacific Time (PT): 9am, British Summer Time (BST): 5pm, Korean Standard Time (KST): 1am (April 19). Both BiBi Bullets and hardcore gaming enthusiasts around the world are eagerly waiting to catch this unique blend of gaming and K-Pop.

Stellar Blade‘s Controversy Spurs Excitement Ahead of PS5 Launch

Eve in a still from Stellar Blade
Eve in a still from Stellar Blade

Beyond the star power of BIBI, Stellar Blade has garnered attention for another reason – controversy. The way the game has been developed and the choices the studio made have got people talking in the gaming world. And, the studio seems to be pretty smart about this.

They’ve released a demo to let people try out the game and are actively engaging in discussions about the game’s main character. By doing this, they’re using the controversy to their advantage, building even more anticipation for Stellar Blade‘s launch.

There’s also a heated debate going on about Stellar Blade, especially regarding Eve. Some critics argue that Eve’s character in the game is too s*xualized. However, fans don’t agree with this viewpoint and feel differently about it.

Releasing on April 26th exclusively for PlayStation 5, Stellar Blade puts you in the shoes of Eve, one of humanity’s fierce warrior battling to take back Earth from invading aliens.

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This action RPG promises a captivating storyline, a deep skill tree, and a variety of unlockables, including new outfits for Eve. With pre-orders flying off the shelves, it looks like Stellar Blade is on track to be a big hit.

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