The classic Peanuts special Animated A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving aired on BBC yesterday and while many fans tuned in for the warmth of nostalgia to start the holiday season, many were disappointed with the treatment of one character.

It centres around a somewhat impromptu holiday meal that takes place Peppermint Patty invites herself and many others to Charlie Brown and Sally’s house for Thanksgiving. This is despite the fact that they’re about to leave to their grandmother’s for the feast. With a little help from Linus, who convinces Charlie, they can enjoy two Thanksgivings, as we as Snoopy and Woodstock who do all the cooking.

A lot of delicacies are served at the table and while it ended well with everyone ending up at Sally and Charlie’s grandmother’s meal, it’s the seating arrangement during this mean is what has got fans heated up on social media. The only black friend, Franklin is seated by himself on one side of the table while the rest are on the other side of the table.

It doesn’t look good and viewers were quick to point it out. Many felt that this scene was racism at its best. The show aired on November 20, 1973, on CBS where it aired until 2000. But in 2001, it moved over to ABC and has continued to air continually. Here are some fan reactions to the scene:

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