The boys’ idea is intriguing: Superheroes are packaged and marketed by a large business to appear as the beacons of light that people want them to be, but behind the scenes, they’re messed-up individuals with messed-up problems. Consider the Homelander (Antony Starr), a Superman-like person who appears to be the ideal embodiment of American joy. Little does the general population realize that when the lights go out, he transforms into a living nightmare who feels his abilities give him the authority to do… anything. The Homelander is the leader of the Seven, the world’s most powerful superhero team, and the face of Vought International. Vought, like every company, has filthy secrets, the dirtiest of which is Compound V, the wonder medicine that provides heroes with their talents. The general public is made to think that there is no such thing as Compound V, and that their super-powered defenders are born with these abilities. In any case, Compound V is the truth, and it does not treat all heroes fairly. It does, indeed, make some heroes far stronger than others. So, which of the seven rules supreme in terms of power? Power levels can be difficult to determine because specifics are rarely provided and things fluctuate, but the following rating will attempt neutrality. Homelander, Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligot), Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), A-Train (Jessie Usher), Starlight (Eriarty), Stormfront (Aya Cash), Translucent (Alex Hassell), Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore), and the Deep are all up for the bat (Chace Crawford). The order of the list will be from weakest to strongest.

9. Lamplighter doesn’t light the way:


Lamplighter, a previous member of the Seven who was replaced by Starlight near the beginning of the program, gets things started. The Lamplighter possesses the power of fire, and while flames are nothing to laugh at, he just does not match up to the rest of his former comrades. Part of the reason is because of how his pyrokinesis works: he can’t create an inferno out of thin air, so he must draw from a source of fire. That required carrying around a unique staff with a continuous flame inside; in Lamplighter’s post-superhero existence, he exchanges the staff for a lighter. The Lamplighter is likewise unremarkable in terms of conventional Compound V improvements. At its most basic, the substance makes users stronger, quicker, more durable, and more endurance than regular people – all of which applies to Lamplighters. However, none of these qualities are exaggerated in him; his most remarkable achievement is outrunning Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), a strong compound V-enhanced lady. The Lamplighter’s longevity is also proven to be extremely poor for a “Supe,” as Compound V users are referred to by the boys. He survives and recovers rapidly from an acid spray attack, but he’s also vulnerable to his own flames – in fact, his death is caused by self-immolation. Furthermore, following Lamplighter’s death, Hughie (Jack Quaid), a normal guy who isn’t the strongest guy there, manages to break Supe’s wrist and chop it off with a shattered bottle. Whether dead or alive, the scene testifies to Lamplighter’s subpar abilities.

8. The Deep is a weak asset with potential:


As the Aquaman analogue of The Boys, it’s debatable that the Deep didn’t end up at the bottom of this list. There’s also the fact that a significant amount of Supe’s character journey revolves around him overcoming his identity as “the fish guy,” as Starlight mockingly refers to him. He fails frequently, and the Seven even sends him on a “sabbatical.” However, just as it’s simple to dismiss Aquaman, it’s as easy to dismiss the Deep. Not to suggest he’s the world’s strongest Supe or anything, but he’s not a complete pushover. The Deep’s compound V-enhanced strength, like Lamplighter’s, is nothing to write home about; he can easily knock out a couple of goons but has problems killing them. Destroying a door (though, to be fair, he was drugged at the time). However, in terms of speed, endurance, and durability, the Deep isn’t the farce that everyone portrays him to be. He can swim at breakneck speeds for lengthy periods of time and claims to have survived the Mariana Trench, where water pressure is extremely high. Water pressure and fire certainly don’t operate the same way, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Deep could sustain a Lamplighter flame assault. The Deep may also summon all types of aquatic creatures to help him. The ability appears to be more potent the more you think about it; who in their right mind would feel secure confronting a pod of whales? If the deep’s power wasn’t limited to the sea, it may have ranked higher on our list. Unfortunately, it’s unknown how much of his physical abilities transfer to land, and his vulnerability is exploitable: touching his gills causes him excruciating agony. Furthermore, while self-esteem issues aren’t directly related to strength levels, the Deep’s poor impression of himself wouldn’t help him in a battle.

7. Translucent sneaks his way in:


Translucent’s invisibility capability may appear unimpressive at first glance. Sure, it’s beneficial in some situations, but is it stronger than pyrokinesis or aquatic telepathy? No way, no how. However, as Translucent confesses on The Boys’ late-night chat program, “I don’t truly disappear. My skin transforms into a carbon meta-material that bends light. Like a veil of invisibility. ” So, while he can vanish in front of everyone’s eyes, his ability to control his meta-material skin allows him to become as impenetrable as a diamond — a gem said to be comprised of tightly-packed carbon. That degree of toughness is nearly unrivalled in the Supe community. Translucent can be punched, smashed with a crowbar, rammed into with a SUV, and so on. Even though it hurts, his exterior shell is unharmed. Translucent’s other Compound V upgrades, like other Supes, back him up in a pinch, but his diamond skin is his trump card. When you combine that with his “invisibility,” he’s unquestionably one of the most deadly guys in the Boys universe. However, as the boys find, Translucent isn’t invincible. For one thing, carbon is a good conductor, which means that electrical attacks can hurt the Supe, albeit it takes a lot of amps to hurt him. More significantly, as Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) discovers from seeing a turtle documentary, Translucent’s interiors are just as susceptible as anybody else’s. Find a way through, and you’ll be able to bring down this supposedly invincible Supe. Still, it’s difficult to see Lamplighter or the Deep figuring it out or causing substantial harm to Translucent.

6. Starlight shines bright:


Starlight is one of the Seven’s newest members, but she’s spent her whole life fighting crime and perfecting her abilities. That feeling of determination and independence is part of what finally got her a position on the Seven in the first place; there’s more to it than that, of course, but talent and personality count when you’re joining up with the world’s largest superhero team. Regardless, Starlight’s abilities are not to be taken lightly. Though they aren’t her primary weapons in battle, her base Compound V upgrades aren’t to be overlooked. Lamplighter, the Deep, and Translucent are all more powerful than the ordinary Joe, but Starlight outperforms them all. Her fists can make a strong brick wall appear like it was assaulted by a huge hole puncher, and she can lift up the rear of a car with ease. Starlight is no slouch in terms of toughness, either, having the capacity to endure. 50 millimetre rounds to the chest with just minor injuries. She is not invulnerable, but underestimating her would be a fatal mistake. Starlight’s greatest strength, though, is her ability to absorb energy. If there is any source of electricity around, she can absorb it and blast it back out, giving her a formidable ranged opponent as well as a close adversary. To be fair, she doesn’t always have access to electricity, but it’s so prevalent in the contemporary world that it’s rarely a concern for her — unlike the Lamplighter and the Deep, who may not always have access to their respective elements. And, since Translucent isn’t compatible with electricity, it only makes sense for Starlight to be one position above him.

5. A-Train doesn’t wait on the competition:


One of the numerous reasons the Boys pursue Supes is the collateral harm they leave in their super-powered wake. Hughie discovers this personally before even joining the Boys, as he stands powerless while A-Train, the Seven’s hallmark speedster, runs over his lover Robin (Jess Salgueiro). It’s a terrible moment that has a significant impact on the plot’s trajectory, but A-gory Train’s error also reveals just how strong Supes can be. A-Train crosses the finish line at 371 meters per second in his race with Shockwave (Mishka Thébaud), another super-fast hero, officially breaching the sound barrier. His dirty little secret to winning isn’t a rigorous workout routine, but rather additional dosages of Compound V. Concerned that his age is catching up with him, A-Train develops a bad habit of injecting the miraculous medication. The pro: The speed increase keeps him alive as the fastest man on the planet. The disadvantage is that the excess compound V travels through his circulation and directly to his heart, putting him at risk of cardiac arrest. Nonetheless, A-sheer Train’s power is no laughing matter. Even in the absence of more compound V, his speed puts him three steps ahead of his opponents. The A-Railway is also extremely powerful, capable of towing multiple train cars behind him (at walking speed, admittedly, but the accomplishment dwarfs Starlight’s car-lifting) and knocking Kimiko through solid walls. His power is backed up by great durability and a rapid healing factor, but he’s not invincible — Kimiko exacts her revenge by shattering his leg. The A-Train, on the other hand, outruns or outpowers everyone below him.

4. Black Noir: a dark showcase of strength and skill:


In comparison to the rest of the Seven and the other Supes presented in The Boys, Black Noir is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about him and his achievements, save that his name alone frightens criminals, indicating that his career as a Supe has been lengthy and fruitful. The proof is in the pudding: viewers see Black Noir in action a few times, getting a taste of the enigmatic hero’s might and prowess. Black Noir’s Compound V improvements are conventional stuff — strength, speed, durability, and endurance — but what distinguishes him are the heights to which he takes these things and how he employs them. Black Noir, who is trained in both martial arts and weapons handling, is always swift and clean. When he faces Kimiko, his superior fighting technique is enough to put him over the top, but he also tosses daggers in for good measure. In the face of Starlight, his power greatly surpasses hers. When confronted with Naqib’s (Samer Salem) explosive abilities, he walks away with burns and heals quickly. Black Noir, by all accounts, is an unstoppable force. More significantly, he is an unstoppable force on a consistent basis. The Homelander makes a point of saying, after chastising the Seven for their recent underperformance, “Noir, not you. You’ve done an excellent job. ” Black Noir’s vulnerability is so precise that only those who know him well might use it against him: he is allergic to tree nuts. For those who don’t know him — which is most people — Black Noir is the type of person who will take a bullet through the hand and then rip the shooter a new one.

3. Stormfront brings the thunder:


Stormfront is brought in to replace Translucent when his death is eventually made public (though Vought lies that he died in the line of duty), and she soon establishes herself as a significant asset to the Seven — both in terms of her public image and her talents. She’s undoubtedly one of the team’s strongest members, impressing even Homelander with her talents. She requests that he purposely use his heat vision on her to demonstrate that she does not break, incurring obvious harm but swiftly healing and continuing to horse about with him. Few people could walk away from such an encounter unscathed and grin later, yet that’s precisely what she did. Stormfront’s strength is demonstrated in nearly every action sequence she appears in, as she is able to overwhelm the likes of Kimiko and Starlight as well as smash through concrete barriers. (Walls are cruel to The Boys, aren’t they?) Nonetheless, as the name Stormfront indicates, Compound V’s basic improvements aren’t her only tools: she can also control lightning-like plasma to her liking. She can use her power to release painful energy blasts, lift and toss people and items with enormous force, and soar at extraordinary speeds.

2. Queen Maeve is queen of the Supes:


Queen Maeve, like Black Noir, is a fairly typical Compound V user: powerful, quick, and able to withstand significant damage. They even have a common interest in martial arts. The power disparity is what distinguishes them, as seen by Queen Maeve’s ability to keep Black Noir down with just minimal strain on her part. And, although Black Noir suffers apparent damage when confronted with firearms and explosives, Queen Maeve survives the entire impact of a speeding armoured vehicle with only a damaged nail. There’s no denying that she’s the more powerful of the two. The hard part is comparing Queen Maeve to Stormfront. There’s a case to be made that Stormfront is the more powerful Supe, owing to their different alliances with Homelander. Stormfront makes it apparent from a distance that she isn’t frightened of the Homelander, demonstrating this by becoming physical with him. Queen Maeve has a far longer relationship with the guy, and she fears him for it — primarily because of the monster hidden behind the pearly-white grin, but his raw strength also plays a role. Homelander has the ability to destroy both ladies, but Stormfront is more hesitant to admit it. Homelander or no Homelander, the ladies finally clash, and Queen Maeve emerges victorious. Yes, Kimiko and Starlight assist her, but Stormfront has little problem fighting off the younger Supes before she arrives. Queen Maeve doesn’t only use her power to tip the battle in the heroes’ favour; she also outfights Stormfront, deflecting many of the latter’s assaults and demonstrating her martial arts ability. A beaten and bruised Stormfront flying away in frustration appears to indicate that Queen Maeve would have won even if she hadn’t had her allies.

1. Homelander: the sky is the limit:


“They’ve thrown every weapon on Earth at him,” Madelyn Stillwell (Elizabeth Shue) says about the Homelander. “All of them have failed.” When it comes to defining the Seven’s undisputed leader, that remark is about as accurate as it gets. The Homelander won the Compound V lottery, which granted him incredible strength, speed, endurance, and damage resistance; the ability to fly; highly heightened senses; x-ray vision ideal for espionage; and laser beams he could shoot from his eyes. He is, for all intents and purposes, a deity – and he is well aware of it. The Homelander’s flaws are few and far between, with his sensitivity to sonic frequencies being the most exploitable. He also can’t see through zinc or use his full power while flying, but these are more annoyances than real flaws. The only genuine method of dealing a serious blow to a homelander is to exploit his vulnerabilities, and even that is a risky enterprise because it’s difficult to predict how he’ll respond. He’s also smarter than he lets on, so gaining an advantage over him won’t be easy. On this list, the other members of the Seven may be changed to some extent, but views are opinions. The fact that Homelander is at the top of the list is undeniable. This is a man who could get hit by a bus and have tonnes of concrete dumped on him and brush it off. A filthy costume is the only indication that anything occurred at all. This is a man with heat vision strong enough to bring down a jet and send it careening into the clouds below. This is a man who frightens not just his enemies, but also those he loves. Without a question, the Homelander is the most powerful member of the Seven.

So yes, these are the Power Levels Of The Seven In The Boys Ranked. Well, what can I say? These nine characters from the Boys series are among some of the most twisted and grey superheroes of all time. Though they have been good in the beginning, eventually, as the show goes on, they become more and more evil, especially Homelander. So which, according to you guys, is the best among the seven? Do let us know which among these is your favorite character and please let us know in the comment section below. Till then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. Keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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