The expectations for Sony and Marvel’s Madame Web were very low. However, the movie’s expected failure at the box office further hints at the burgeoning superhero genre fatigue where fans are tired of the same repeating trope playing out. They yearn for something new that can excite and energize the realm of superpowered characters.

Madame Web Box Office Performance

Dakota Johnson in Madame Web
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web

Without sugarcoating it, Madame Web is trying its best at the box office to at least recover the budget with which it was made. Grossing $77.4 million globally, the Dakota Johnson-starrer movie made $35.4 million in the United States and Canada and $42 million in other territories. Even during the second weekend in theatres, the movie’s collections are failing to even reach opening weekend numbers of Morbius’s box office gross.

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With Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson in the lead, people believed their star power would be enough to pull the movie out of the quicksand of failure. However, no amount of fandom or pretty faces could redeem the shoddy storyline and the lack of significant buzz around the superhero movie. Madame Web is plummeting to the bottom of the ladder, deeming itself the worst-rated Sony Marvel movie to date.

Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web
Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web

Madame Web has garnered the worst reviews from almost all major publications. Even public aggregator sites have failed to portray a buoyant outlook on the story and execution of the movie. If the movie continues to screen in theatres for a couple of weeks more, it may break even and collect about $100 million at the box office equivalent to its budget.

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What’s Next for Sony and Marvel?

Tom Holland's Spider-Man can collide with MCU
Tom Hardy in Venom

The joint ventures for Sony and Marvel will witness the release of a third installment in the Venom franchise. Possibly, one of the most profitable movies by Sony based on a Marvel character, Venom 3 might be able to bring back the excitement people used to feel for superhero movies. As a standalone producer as well, Marvel is facing a lack of success in its projects with the recent projects failing to leave a mark on the industry.

Sony is also experimenting with new characters like Kraven The Hunter, whose movie will be released later this year. It stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead, a role fans have been dying to see on the big screen. The production house is also working on the third part of the award-winning animated Spider-Verse franchise. The movies have been deemed genre-defining with a smashing soundtrack and incredible animations.

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