There’s a reason why Christopher Nolan is considered to be one of the best filmmakers out there today. His ability to envision how the story is going to pan out and eventually ignite emotions in the audience is surreal. Nolan’s skill and talent in filmmaking are unparalleled.

But is he truly 100% perfect? Well, every director and actor has their own shortcomings. The difference lies in to which extent they impact a viewer’s desire to keep watching. Nolan’s projects have been immensely successful to date, with the 2023 movie Oppenheimer being the biggest blockbuster of his career.

Viewers Have One Complain With Christopher Nolan

Steven Spielberg
Christopher Nolan during the CBS Morning interview

The diverse projects in Christopher Nolan’s filmography have garnered him widespread acclaim and appreciation. The director even received his first Oscar Award this year for his movie Oppenheimer which went beyond all ordinary definitions of success. From Dunkirk and the Dark Knight movies to Interstellar and Inception, Nolan’s movies are no less than works of art that inspire thought and debate.

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However, there is one persistent complain that hampers audiences’ ability to fully immerse themselves in the nuanced world created by Nolan. The issue of sound mixing has been brought up again and again by both critics and viewers. The audience faces difficulty in grasping the dialogue of his movies.

The explosion sounds in Dunkirk were louder than the actual bombardments, as claimed by real-life World War 2 survivors who attended the movie’s premiere. The movie has been hailed as one of the best Nolan projects by his fans, even director Quentin Tarantino appreciated Nolan’s visionary approach while making Dunkirk a true masterpiece.

A group of soldiers shield themselves from an explosion in Dunkirk
A group of soldiers shield themselves from an explosion in Dunkirk

Nolan is the prime candidate in the list of directors who surround viewers with their fictional world so they feel like they are living the events of the movie. With Dunkirk too, Nolan aspired to let the viewers immerse themselves in the time when bombs were flying in every direction and the sound of explosions was common background noise.

Sound design is an essential tool in crafting cinematic ingenuity and Nolan knows this best. However, there are times when the visionary director goes a tad bit beyond reality, and in the midst of loud explosions, the dialogue gets lost.

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Viewers Criticized Tenet For Bad Sound Mixing

John David Washington in Tenet
John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in Tenet

When done right, people seldom appreciate the sound quality and effects, but if it goes wrong even in one scene, the audience remembers that error as a blunder responsible for the film’s failure.

Another one of Nolan’s movies to receive backlash for inaudible dialogue was Tenet. Even though the movie was not a huge commercial success, fans of the director claim that the movie is a great example of Nolan’s extraordinary experimentation and bold risk-taking.

The filmmaker’s stories thrive in a chaotic environment where talking is difficult as people cannot hear each other. Nolan asserted that it was a creative choice to create a visceral experience before enabling the audibility of dialogue in his projects. From the sound of crashing waves to the loud explosions in Dunkirk, Nolan prefers to elevate his movies with sounds that make the viewers feel a part of the story.

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