One cannot praise Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson enough for The Batman. The movie is simply outstanding and the fans are beyond ecstatic. Be it any Batman movie, the villains always seem to change which keeps the content fresh.  But there is always that one element that excites the character’s fans, i.e, Gotham. Almost every Batman movie is dependent on the feel of the city and the directors must get the depiction right. This is something that Reeves was aware of and his interpretation of the city is no less than amazing. While it stays different from other depictions, it is right in its way. Let’s talk about some of the reasons as to why The Batman got Gotham right. Check it out!

1. Perfect Level of Darkness

Matt Reeve's The Batman (2022)
Matt Reeve’s The Batman (2022)

DC movies are often criticised for being dark, but what fans need to understand is that it is an important aspect to follow. In the movie, Gotham is a pretty dark city. Even in daylight, the atmosphere seems grey which tells us that the sunlight can’t make it through the city. This almost seems similar to the source material, as the city is, in fact, a dark place, and it adds wonderfully to the overall feel of the movie.

2. Batman’s Home Is Inside The City

Reasons why The Batman got Gotham right
Reasons why The Batman got Gotham right

This is one particular detail that bothered the fans. As we have seen in almost every movie that Bruce’s house is outside the city. But not in The Batman. While this may seem less comic accurate, it is close to one particular recent, i.e., Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin where Dick Grayson moves the headquarters into the city after taking on the torch. Be it less comic accurate, it fits well that he is with the people, within the city, considering he is in the initial years of his journey.

3. Crime Is The Central Attraction

The Batman holds crime on the top, accurate to comics
The Batman holds crime on the top, accurate to comics

Once again, this is something that is taken directly from comics like Year One and Long Halloween where Batman is fairly new to this line of business. But another aspect that beautifies the city is the ongoing crimes. Gotham is one hell of a dangerous city that comes straight from the comics. Keeping Carmine Falcone in mind, the movie shows the true side of the city.

4. Constant Rain

Robert Pattinson, Bruce Wayne, soaked in rain, The Batman (2022)
Robert Pattinson soaked in rain, The Batman (2022)

Once again, Matt Reeves proved his comic education by keeping rain a constant factor in the movie. The curling atmosphere only adds to the grittiness of the movie and is fairly similar to the source material. It gives you the regular feeling that the city is being eaten away by the mould, flooding in crime, and of course, adding to Batman’s “I am vengeance,” persona.

5. Accurate Architecture

Reasons why The Batman got Gotham right
Reasons why The Batman got Gotham right

If we rewind, then Burton’s Gotham was made on a soundstage, Schumacher’s had wide shots of the city but seemed cartoonish. Then Nolan came along and his version of the city was simply Chicago. But Reeves dig deep into the comics to make the city look more accurate, and he did by tweaking the architecture. The wealthy towers accompanied by the raging slums were all it needed. The gothic feel to the city was important, more or less.

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