MCU fans had to wait a lot to get an introduction of X-Men in its universe and it was until Professor Charles Xavier got his neck twisted by Scarlett Witch in Doctor Strange 2. Another moment that hyped up the introduction of X-Men in the MCU was when it was found Kamala Khan has genes of “Mutants”. According to various rumors, the X-Men origin movie will be titled ‘The Mutants’ and will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. 

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Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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Rumors of X-Men movie introduced as ‘The Mutants” in the MCU

The Mutants
Fan art poster of The Mutants

According to a report by Deadline, Marvel Studios might announce a larger exploration of the entire “Mutants” community before shedding light on its iconic X-Men characters with a new project, “The Mutants”. As the news got over the internet, the fans who waited for the same X-Men characters that existed before will be introduced in the MCU got a little disheartened.

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Fans’ reaction to the rumors

“they’re throwing away X-Men,” a user said claiming the “name isn’t inclusive”.

A user voiced the title to be the X-Men and said, “IF IT IS AN X-MEN MOVIE, USE X-MEN”.

A fan had mixed thoughts and said, “it feels stupid to change the X-Men title if it still focuses on the team”.

“I think that it works cuz of the way that the MCU is going”, a fan said reminding what Kevin Feige said during the SDCC 2019. 

Most of the fans would agree with this!

Will the X-Men project be renamed The Mutants? 


As per the rumors of X-Men being renamed as The Mutants, the fans do not support the decision by Marvel. Since nothing is confirmed until Marvel finally announces its X-Men / Mutant projects at the SDCC 2022, fans are still hoping for a better appearance of X-Men in the MCU. 

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