A memorable part of everyone’s childhood was the time when Nintendo released Super Mario. The energetic game motivated us all to get up each time we fall and set our eyes on the mission a.k.a., save the ladylove, the princess. The game had its fanbase, and we are all a part of it.

No awareness about the film

No awareness about the film
Another snapshot of Luigi and Mario

What most people did not know about our favourite childhood video game was that a movie was made based on it. It starred Bob Hoskins as Mario, the lead character of the game, and John Leguizamo as Luigi, Mario’s brother.

The two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, travel to another dimension, to save the fair princess daisy from the evil clutches of King Hoopa, meanwhile battling the evil Goombas.

Made in the 90s

Made in the 90s
The villain in deleted scene

The movie was made a long time ago, in the early 1990s. Now, after all this time, a new footage has been released, surprising many. It is a scene featuring the plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi are shown confronting their rivals, also plumbers, who stole a plumbing job from the brothers.

The original scene in the movie was portrayed differently. It had the brothers, Mario and Luigi, quitting their jobs themselves after they felt that they were no longer up to it. The footage was revealed by the people of Super Mario Movie Archive, who are huge Mario fans, just like almost everybody who has played the game and want to preserve material for the future. 

Negative views of fans

While the footage has been delightful to watch, many people have expressed their resentment towards overwriting the beautiful, colourful characters of the game with the realistic movie actors. Well, the point of any game is to obtain the opportunity to live in an alternate universe; it doesn’t seem fair to bring harsh reality into it.

Some of us like the footage, some don’t. But we all unanimously love the game.

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Source: CBR, Slashfilm

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