Money is not a problem, at least for these Marvel villains. While Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ bank accounts play an epic game of chess, let’s not forget that these Marvel villains are rich enough to hire them as their butlers if they wanted to.

Mister Negative

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Source: Marvel Comics

He has gone with several names over the course of his career – Martin Li, The Martyr, and Mister N. The man who would one day be known as Mister Negative was once a Chinese gang member working for a low class villain called the Silver Fang. He was involved in conducting human trafficking operations when the ship he was in crashed and he was forced to flee. Silvermane of the Maggia’s New York crime division captured him and a few other prisoners from the wreck. He exposed him to a dangerous drug that eventually gave him his powers. With his newfound abilities, Mister Negative became the kingpin of Chinatown and the head of several illegal organized crime activities in America. Drugs, political assassinations, extortion, and money laundering is how he amassed his massive fortune.

Doctor Doom

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Source: Marvel Comics

Doctor Doom was not royalty. He was born a commoner in an European Kingdom called Latveria when he got a scholarship to study in America. After becoming Doctor Doom and returning to Latveria, Doom overthrew the monarchy and became the land’s sole ruler. His genius level intellect, combined with his access to infinite resources, makes him a true threat. Since he is the head of state of a formidable technological superpower on par with Wakanda, Doom’s treasure vault is full of riches untold. He also has access to the assets of the previous monarchy he overthrew. Latveria now makes more than enough money by selling advanced technology and weaponry to the highest bidder, most of the money going to Doctor Doom’s pockets.

Sebastian Shaw

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Source: Marvel Comics

Sebastian Shaw is the infamous ringleader of the Hellfire Club, enemy of the X-Men. He is like an evil, mutant version of Tony Stark. A very shrewd businessman, Shaw created Shaw Industries. under his guidance, Shaw Industries became a mega-conglomerate with many lucrative business deals with governments and agencies all over the world. The company mainly supplies super advanced technology and weaponry. This helped him gather enough wealth to become the one of the richest Marvel villains on the planet. It was his wealth that allowed him to oust the previous White King and become the shot-caller of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

Baron Zemo

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Source: Marvel Comics

Baron Zemo is indeed a royal Baron. It is not just an alias. His family inheritance is enough to make him one of the richest billionaires of Europe. Zemo’s family is a nobility hailing from the erstwhile German Empire. So the guy has access to wealth beyond our wildest imaginations. it is this infinite wealth that funds his lifelong obsession of conquering the world and making humanity kneel to him. Baron Zemo has turned his family inheritance into a vast empire, that ranges anything from illegal mercenary operations to overseas terrorism.

The Mandarin

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Source: Marvel Comics

the man who would one day become the Mandarin was a Chinese boy born to a very wealthy family of the Orient. After acquiring the Ten Rings of Power and conquering all rival warlords, he ended up expanding his assets and resources. The Mandarin is wealthy enough to nearly rival Tony Stark. He has a private army, his own stretches of land he controls, and has assets and resources in all the seven continents of the world. His network stretches from powerful figures in governments all across the world to even the Inhumans and the evil ninja cult – The Hand.

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