The Rick and Morty season 5 finale finally explained Rick’s full origins and backstory which even confirms some fan theories reveals in new details about his past. Here are some of the questions answered!

1.What Happened to Diane aka Rick’s Wife?

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As per the memories produced by Evil Morty’s brain scan. the season 3 scene of Diane being murdered was actually true. Rick C- 137 is approached by a callous Rick and encouraged to develop his own trans dimensional portal gun and join other Ricks to travel the universe. But he declines probably because of his family life.
So the other Rick bombs C-173’s house which kills Diane and Beth and sends the main Rick down a dark spiral which leads him to develop his own portal gun to hunt the killer.

2.Rick’s Hunt For His Wife’s Killer
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After the death of his family, Rick goes on a vengeance quest to find the responsible Rick. After creating his own portal gun. he devises a way to create a genetic ID of some sort for the killer and starts hunting down Rick he thinks was the one responsible. It is shown that he is killing dozens, or maybe thousands of other Ricks but none matches the  Rick who killed Beth and Diane. Finally,  Rick C-137’s rampage through the other Ricks of the multiverse draws their united ire.  All other Ricks join forces and send teams after C-137 to kill him but he manages to escape and kills many other Ricks in the process.

3. How Did Rick Create The Citadel And The Central Finite Curve

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After the multiple defeats, other Ricks of the universe offered a peace treaty to C-137. The montage showed the members of the council of Ricks pitching him plans for the Citadel, which ends up helping them build. The finale doesn’t exactly reveal ow much Rick was involved in the creation of the Citadel or the modern Council.
Its talk about the Central Finite Curve – the subset of dimensions in which Rick is the smartest person in the universe – doesn’t explain how that system was established, or by whom.
Evil Morty has to scan Rick C- 137’s brain to understand how to creak the Central Finite Cure, it is implied that he is the one who came up with that idea.

4. Why Would Rick Return to Beth And Morty

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After years of failure and all empty creations and even further descent into drinking and self loathing, Rick finally hit his rock bottom. He had travelled to a universe where Beth and Diane survived where their Rick had abandoned them and crashed his ship into the garage and started living with the family. That’s the universe where Morty is from- the universe that was destroyed by the Cronenberg disaster in season 1 and subsequently abandoned.
It’s possible that Rick of that universe was killed by Rick C- 137 or could be that he just picked a random dimension to crash in.
This is probably the most powerful revelation about Rick in the Rick and Morty Season 5 finale about him returning to a Beth and finding that Morty ultimately saved him.

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