Jason Momoa has praised Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr for paving the way for more superhero films.

While appearing in an interview with The Toronto Sun, Momoa was asked why it took so long for an Aquaman film to take place. The interviewer even pointed out that for years, it was just Batman and Superman. To this, Momoa credited Robert Downey Jr for his portrayal of Iron Man which made way for more heroes on the big screen.

“The only thing about it now is, people want more,” Momoa says. “They’ve heard those other stories, and there’s plenty more to tell, but they want new ones. When Batman v Superman came out and it introduced Wonder Woman, she came in and blew it open. I feel like Marvel, in its own right, has been blowing the door open with other new characters as well. I mean look what Iron Man did. That was amazing. Who knew what the hell Iron Man did? I definitely didn’t. I feel like I knew more about Aquaman, and I barely knew anything about Aquaman over Iron Man (laughs). Robert Downey just came in and destroyed it. So there are all these beautiful, modern mythologies that people get inspired by and it’s nice to see something different.”

Jason isn’t really wrong here. Iron Man was once thought as a B-list character until 2008. Aquaman had at least appeared in shows like Super Friends, and he may have been treated by fans as a joke but at least, he had exposure, unlike Iron Man.

Times have certainly changed since Downey’s debut in 2008 which gave birth to the MCU and soon, the superhero genre became the cash cow of Hollywood. With a higher demand for superhero films, more characters started appearing on the big screen.

Iron Man proved that any character can be a hit with the right actor playing it.

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